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Have you encountered a customer that despite all of the instruction you’ve given they still keep coming back asking more questions about the same thing?

How To Deal With A Lazy Customer 1As online sellers, it is not new to us to get emails from customers. Yes, we provide step-by-step instructions we think to be as clear as the summer sky, yet we still get replies about the same questions and issues.

Scenario from an Etsy Seller:

“I have a customer who has purchased a digital download from me. She waited only 2 hours after the purchase to start a series of emails requesting for me to send her the file. She kept saying that she hasn’t gotten the file and hopes that I saw her email on the paypal receipt. then she gives it to me. Each new conversation she would start I would reply the same that she can get the file in two ways. One through her “purchases” section in her account and one through the email etsy sent her from her purchase. She says she can’t find either. Then sends me a new email repeating the process. She has done this twice a day for 4 days. I keep telling her to check her email and her spam. I am worried, is there a way for someone to scam me by just sending them a file through email? She doesn’t seem to speak well or maybe just not type well, because her words are always jumbled or misspelled.”

This problem comes in different forms. This is not only applicable to businesses that offer digital downloads. There will be point in time where you need to assist your customers to process something that is a bit challenging to him/her. This could be anything such filing a dispute on PayPal, processing a refund request, helping her to contact the courier to resolve a shipping problem, etc.

When the customer is telling you she’s having a hard time doing that despite all of the help you’ve provided, what should you do?

You need to understand that customers may be having difficulty following your instruction due to being not a tech-savvy, English is not her primary language, she wants to be instructed via phone support, etc.

I remember years ago when I first started on line, I was so frustrated figuring everything out and it was difficult when others who were experienced didn’t understand my confusion.

We were all beginners at one time.


First, I would never refer to a customer as “lazy” simply because she needs assistance with a particular process. It’s important to keep in mind, customers aren’t always as savvy as we are about the platform or downloading files. Be kind and help her. Ask her if she has someone with her that can help her out.

Second, maybe her English isn’t very good and she’s not tech-savvy. If you keep responding the same way, I am guessing your response to the buyer is not understood. This means you should say it in a different way or be more clear. Ask her primary language and try Google Translate if that helps.

Give instructions using simple words. Try to enumerate the steps as brief and concise as you can to avoid further confusion.

If this buyer “needs extra help”, and you have no time to give her assistance, you can decide if you want to provide the help or cancel the order and refund her money if you feel uncomfortable providing the demands of your customer.

Always have a little compassion and good customer service. If it’s not too bothering on your part, go an extra mile and help your customer. I assure you, you will not only get a loyal and repeat customer, but you will also get a new friend.

I hope this quick tips will help you provide a better customer service. If you have something to add or you want to share your own experience, please let us know in the comments.

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