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Are you wondering what’s a good morning routine for you to become more successful and productive?

Create Your Best Morning Routine To Ensure ProductivityAccording to successful businessmen, bloggers, and health experts, it is important to have a well-structured morning routine to start your day.

If you want to do the most important things first, you need to intentionally craft a morning routine to create change in your life.

Small wins repeated everyday that lead to big wins and lasting change. New skills. Better health. More energy. Finished projects. More income.

Let me share my morning routine:

  1. Up at 6am
  2. Drink ginger and tumeric to start the digestion going
  3. Walk/Bike Ride/Skateboard/Paddle Boarding with my dogs (depending on the day)
  4. A healthy breakfast smoothy mixed with carbs, fats and protein
  5. Review emails
  6. Plan my priorities for the day
  7. Check on my wife and baby in between

Do you have a specific morning routine that you follow day to day? So what are the most important?

1. Wake Up Early

All of us have a morning routine, mine is a bit boring and I don’t know if you guys want to hear it, but my routine is, I get up around 6 am, I don’t set an alarm I just wake up around 5:45 am, allow myself to wake up before jumping out of bed. It is important to me to wake up early so that I can do a lot of things within a day.

2. Check and Respond to Email

Like most of you, I get up, kiss my wife, grab my phone, check my emails and if there’s an urgent matter, I open my laptop. I do that for around 20, 30 minutes.

This routine helps me set my day. It also helps me determine if I should take it slow today or if I should attend a problem asap to get fixed.

3. Exercise

After freshening up, I go to the gym and exercise for less than an hour. It’s one minute on a bicycle and one minute doing like some CrossFit exercises. Exercising helps me feel light and alert all throughout the day.

4. Balanced And Healthy Breakfast

After exercise, I take a shower and eat my power breakfast with my wife. It is a great time to enjoy delicious food and talk to my wife.

The rest of my day is meetings, phone calls, responding to emails, and that’s mainly it. I try to keep it simple.

I always have a task list with me if my day is full-packed. And each day, other people within my company or organization are putting in tasks assigned me, and I make sure I get them done throughout the day. If no one is assigning me tasks, I know what I need to get done, I put my tasks early in the morning, and I make sure I get them throughout the day.

I like a sense of accomplishment. I don’t like ending my day without completing my tasks.

If you want to do a morning routine, don’t copy mine, do what works for you, but the biggest thing that I learned about routines, if you want to be accomplished or feel accomplished as a business person, or feel like you’re getting stuff done, and more so actually getting stuff done, make sure you have a daily task list.

When you can put it on your daily task list, and you accomplish everything throughout that day, you’ve done well.

If you are having a hard time keeping a task list, you might be interested to use a productivity app. These apps usually work by giving you alarms when you need to do something, easily list and check your tasks via your phone.

Eventually, you’ll see progress in your business, your marketing, you’ll accomplish more. It’ll also help motivate you and give you more energy, so you keep going day after day. But have that task list, make it small enough, and accomplish it every single day.

Never go a day without accomplishing your tasks. The moment you do that, you’ll start missing them the next day the next week, it’ll create a snowball effect. But by accomplishing them every single day, it may not seem like a lot, because these are small tasks, but they’ll all add up, and that’s what’ll help you fulfill your dream and accomplish your goals. It’s that simple. Start off with that one thing.

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