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The Fourth of July is just around the corner, and you’re wondering how you can use it to your craft business’ advantage. This strategy can give way to big profits when done right. This time of year, creative promotions can go beyond the red, white and blue to help your business stand out from the crowd.

How To Market Your Handmade Business This Independence DayHere are a few Independence Day marketing ideas you can use this July:


You know that there are specific symbols, colors and themes most businesses use for their Fourth of July promotions; and while you do not want to completely ignore these themes (thematic association can fuel sales), you don’t want to look just like your competitors do.

Use a unique reference for the day to express the sense of celebration. Use it in your blog’s pre-header, a temporary code as a benefit for subscribers, a clear call to action, etc.

Colors: Red, blue and white.

Symbols: American flag, fireworks, America hat, Catherine wheel, firecracker, John Hancock, etc.

Promotional Strategy

Select a few items to sell with a symbolic price of $4, in reference to the number 4 of the day. In reference to upcoming holidays, this strategy seems to be a well exploited example by sellers but you can try it if it applies to your products’ value.

Use your blog or social media sites to give away a couple free samples of your handmade products to celebrate the holiday. Throw in a couple 4th of July bookmarks with your website and contact info. Also, promote a special discount aimed to celebrate the day.

Craft Shows

Purchase or dust off your banner, head to the dollar store for an Uncle Sam hat, and get yourself a spot in your local Independence Day bazaar, if vendor booths are available. Attract people to your booth by offering an incentive – an entertaining product demonstration or even a game where players can win one of your products.

You can have a game using the Liberty Bell. Have customers compete to see who can ring the “Liberty Bell” the loudest or the most times in a minute. Whoever can do it gets an incredible deal, free merchandise or other benefit. Make sure to carry business cards with you at all times so that you can give it to your customers during the event.

Many municipalities hold Independence Day parades, and entry is often free or available for a very low price. If you belong to a local group of craft sellers , ask them to make a partnership with you. Make a creative, humorous or otherwise memorable float or street troupe to entertain parade-goers; and simultaneously market to them by printing large vinyl banners and handing out flyers, business cards, coupons and more. This is not only about marketing your business but it also serves as a bonding moment with the people who shares the same passion with you.

Drawing on tradition and launching sizzling summer sales is a great way to boost your Independence Day business, but don’t limit yourself to doing what everyone else does. Thinking outside the box can open up opportunities many businesses have overlooked.

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