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If you’re a crafter who wants to start selling your crafts to the public, doing some research first is a great way to get started. You can test the market for your craft without risking a great deal of time or capital by studying how craft shows run in your own country.

Here are some ideas:



Home Craft Sales Party and Indie Craft Shows: The unemployment rate in Australia is relatively low which means Aussie crafters are usually doing it as a hobby and most of their craft shows are held intimately from home craft sales party to indie craft shows. These kinds of craft shows draw people who are passionate about handicrafts and most of them know all about Etsy.

This kind of shows are fun as you don’t only make a profit but you also make new friends and network with other handmade business owners. You will feel more empowered and inspired by getting a chance to talk to people who has the same passion as you.

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School And Church Craft Shows: The US consists of 50 states and one of the world’s most ethnically diverse and multicultural nations – you can hardly imagine the number of talented crafters here! You will see that some crafts shows here can be seen anywhere from schools, churches, charity auctions, etc. In fact, these types of craft shows are usually on the cheaper side from $50-150 and draw a decent crowd. The booth fees benefit the school or church and there are usually tons of them around the holidays. If it’s a total bust consider it good practice.

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Indoor Craft Shows: The United Kingdom has a temperate climate, with plenty of rainfall all year round. That being said, most craft shows here are held indoors. For obvious reasons, indoor shows have their advantages. Security is more easily achieved at an indoor event. After the event, the room is cleared out and locked. Voila!

Also, you can ask a few crafty friends if they want to split a space if you’re unsure of how well you’ll do. If the hours are long it’s nice to work shifts. Pay attention to what type of people might attend and decide if it’s a good market for your product.

Indoor craft shows are the most common type of craft shows around the world as it protects you and your stall against bad weather.

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Night Markets: You will usually see Chinese people selling their crafts on local and night markets. If you have been to night markets in China, you’ll know that this is a profitable venue for selling products as there are a lot of shoppers going in and out on every stall. Prepare your patience for hagglers! Plus, sellers will only have to be there at night which is great for crafters who have other day-time jobs.

Night markets are also rampant in Hong Kong, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and other parts of Indochina.



Outdoor Craft Shows: People of India are usually lovers of exquisite jewelries, well-crafted clothes, shoes, and Hindu God figurines – it is evident that their love of crafts is exceptional. As a tropical country, outdoor craft shows are common here. A tent is the most apparent necessity but some event organizers provide sunshade of some sort and you’ll have to bring is your products and display table.

These types of craft shows are also common in Morocco, UAE, and Latin America.

If you need to have your own tent, don’t forget to consider side panels as well. Side panels can cut wind, protect you from side-blowing rain, and keep low-angled sunlight from blasting you. (Or they can lift your booth off the ground and send it sailing, so stake your booth securely).

Other countries:

If you can’t find your country on this list, don’t worry! You can check some local art and craft shows by calling your local Chamber of Commerce. They usually have listings of the art and craft shows coming to your area as well as other special events.

Call other crafters and ask people that you might encounter in craft stores and supply houses if they know of any upcoming shows. Also, call your local shopping malls to inquire about any special sales. In addition, check local bulletin boards at schools, churches, libraries, etc for announcements of craft shows.

You can also check some international art and craft shows here.

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