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Do you want to know tips and tricks to make people buy from your business that is backed by Psychology?

8 Psychology Tricks To Make Customers Buy From YouSales psychology is a secret weapon – yet most people fail to obtain it. Here are 10 of our best psychological “triggers” that you can use in your store today to increase sales and conversions.

1. Strategic Phrases For Pricing

You can make your customers believe that your prices are low by using special phrases like “only” and “just”. When you do this, it will boost your conversions and sales. When you’re phrasing your pricing in marketing materials, don’t be afraid to verbally minimize the price e.g. “It costs just $20.”

2. Price Anchoring

Price anchoring is when you place two products with different prices side-by-side, and it’s most effective when there are at least 3 pricing tiers. Most people pick the middle-price product. You can check my post about price testing here and see how it works. It looks cheap compared to the expensive option, but people will assume it’s higher quality than the cheap option. It’s the best and practical option.

3. Use Photos to Help Customers Visualize

If you are selling handmade stuff, provide photos showing it in a real-life context. Try using a model for your products. You can buy a mannequin or you can ask a friend or family member to wear it. You can also do it if you want. That will help your target audience to know you which is a huge plus. Don’t just include the basic photos of a product against a white backdrop.

4. Power Of Envy

Most people become envious when they see other people feeling or doing great with something and want to receive this benefit too. That’s why you need to show your previous customers’ reviews to new prospects. Customer reviews help to create envy in your prospective customers.

5. Spark Curiosity

Curiosity should feel like an itch you NEED to scratch. A great way to add curiosity to your marketing strategy is to be creative with the review request email titles you use e.g. “I have a favour that I’d like to ask you?” instead of just saying “Please leave a review…”

6. Use Photos to Create Emotions in Customers

If you run an online store, be sure to include pictures of people using the product and – more importantly – ENJOYING themselves using it too!

7. Pain Is More Motivating Than Pleasure

Pain is a stronger motivator than pleasure. In your product descriptions, emphasize how your product can remove a pain point that a prospective customer is experiencing (and wants to get rid of). For example, show your prospects how your scented candles can remove their daily stress and anxiety.

8. Freebies

When you give a customer a freebie like a coupon, you trigger the social norm of reciprocity. When someone does something nice to us, we feel a strong obligation to return the favour. Provide complimentary shipping if it’s possible or give discount coupons. For Etsy sellers, include a coupon inside the customers packaging.

How about you? Do you want to share tips that made your customers buy from you? You have questions? Please let us know in the comments.

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