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Do you want to know a good advice to stay long in the handmade business world? I have one and quick tip for you!

Marketing Tips You Should Have Known When You Started OutBuild a brand

Why? Because, it is your key to a long-term business!

One of the biggest thing I’ve learned, is that you must always build your brand. Marketing strategies are not as important as branding. Whether you have a small business or high sales generating online business, the more established it is, the more successful it will get.

For example, a friend of mine named “Evan” (not his real name) has a small business and he was obsessed with rankings, but when he tried to sell his products, sales are not that great. Sales are okay at the beginning, but eventually, it went down. He would look at Black Hat Forums and other blogs to learn all of the tactics that he thought would help him build his business.

If you want a long-term business, you should start building your brand. It’s about long-term reach and flipping it into other opportunities.

It takes time, but you should always play the long game so stay long in the biz. If you are a consumer-based marketer, stick with that and don’t switch back and forth.

Don’t forget to build your followers. Stay within your “circle of understanding” and build upon that. The best thing with handmade business, you’ll be doing what you love. So focus on that and build your brand.

An episode of “The Profit” covered the story of a Hollywood star who tried to start a brick-and-mortar store but it didn’t succeed because she didn’t have enough knowledge about it.

Check this awesome video by Evan Carmichael to learn more about branding:



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