6 Return Policy Tips For Etsy Sellers

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Of course, you want all your Etsy customers to love your items. But — no disrespect — sometimes they won’t. When that happens, you need to refer buyers to your policy on returns and exchanges.

6-Return-Policy-Tips-For-Etsy-SellersWhile you may not want to think about your returns policy, it’s important for all Etsy sellers to have one. Not only is it good business, but it will also help customers trust your brand and the products that you sell.

Here are some tips on how to craft the right return policy:

1. Prevent Returns

People usually return products because their expectations weren’t met.When they request for a refund or returns, give them options such as an exchange, store credit, or a cash return.

Etsy’s top sellers prevent most returns by offering accurate product descriptions, photos and videos. If the products you’re selling have informative descriptions and proper pictures (or even product videos), you’ll greatly reduce the number of returns.

If you don’t want to do refunds and exchanges,make sure that your customers are informed and learn how to deal refunds and unhappy customers. Something like “I’m sorry but at this time [insert shop name here] cannot accept refunds or exchanges, please purchase seriously” or “No exchanges or refunds accepted”.

2. Customers’ Language

Make sure that your returns policies are simple and easy to understand.Don’t go crazy with complicated legal jargon. This should not only decrease customer questions but it might result in less refunds taking place in-store or online.

3. Return Charges

Indicate any return charges within your policy. Some online business’ offer free return shipping, but it’s not ideal for all sellers. If you do charge return shipping, you need to emphasize it on your policy, otherwise customers will raise hell when they try to return their items for free.

4. Timeframe For Return

State the timeframe for return and how they’ll receive credit. How long after receiving an item can people ask you for an exchange or refund? Will you refund only the cost of the item or the shipping as well?

It’s up to you to determine what’s right for your Etsy store. Some online stores offer up to a 100-day return policy, but it is not applicable to all. Example, an owner of knitted clothes must enforce a relatively strict policy of less than 30 days with no cash returns. Some of her products are seasonal and trendy. If a sweater is bought in winter and is returned when it’s warm out, it would have to be marked down in order to sell. It can be a difficult balance and makes occasional exceptions, but taking the time to explain the reason for the policy usually makes the customers more understanding.

5. Requirements

Always inform your buyers about the requirements for any returns. For example: Can they open the product beforehand? What specific address do they send it to? Do they need to return the product in its original packaging? Do they need to include the receipt upon return?

6. Promote On Site

After you select your return and exchange policies, it’s time to add them to your Shop Policies page.Although customers might not like a stricter return policy, they’re more likely to respect it if it’s clear before making the purchase.

Depending on your budget and what your customers want, you can select the best options to help boost confidence and customer satisfaction in the event of a product return.

That’s it.

If you have something to share about your experiences in product returns, please let us know through the comment box below.

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