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Etsy is the prime marketplace for handmade and vintage enthusiasts. Giving recognition to the top sellers is a great way for us to show appreciation for their lovely works. Also, this helps newbies on Etsy get an idea on how to improve their shop.

5-etsy-top-sellersEtsy Top Sellers flourish in their craft with an assortment of social tools, such as admirers, followers, favorite Etsy shops and items, and the number of sale transactions.

In fact, there are teams in Etsy where the seller needs to have a 500+ transactions or $50,000 + in Etsy sales to qualify as a member.

From there, you will be able to share and learn more about strategies to improve your business.

Statistics are taken from Shop Value Calculator as of June 17, 2013.

Meet the Top Etsy Top Sellers


Owner: Colin and Li

About: Here you will find funky beads and findings, vintage and fun stuff, and a lot of more.

Followers: 2,085

Admirers: 16011

Sales: 231,593 sales

Views: 3,285,146 views


Owner: Name not stated.

About: Favorite materials include beads, jade, stone, pearls, diamond, ruby, sapphire, silver, white gold, platinum, and fancy findings.

Followers: 2,268

Admirers: 25,435

Sales: 219,063 sales

Views: 1,103,965 views

Yummy Treasures

Owner: Beth Carpenter

About: Sells beads, chain, cabochons, settings, and findings.

Followers: 1,508

Admirers: 17,393

Sales: 213,330 sales

Views: 2,820,836 views


Owner: Snow

About: Sells jewelry findings, and can customize metal and wooden pendants. They also offer wholesale prices depending on the quantity of your purchase.

Followers: 1,178

Admirers: 21,487

Sales: 199,748 sales

Views: 1,248,512 views


Owner: Teri Ventura

About: Favorite materials include Antiques, trash, Treasures, stuff, and vintage.

Followers: 1,294

Admirers: 19,302

Sales: 197,987 sales

Views: 1,893,398 views


Owner: Name not stated

About: Their findings are designed by professional designers in accordance with the world of fashion and beauty. Favorite materials include Matte, bright finished findings, brass, connectors, pendants, charms, chains, glass, CZs, all the beautiful things

Followers: 852

Admirers: 10,964

Sales: 163,781 sales

Views: 567,530 views


Owner: Name not stated.

About: Sells jewelry supplies that feature original glass designs and findings.

Followers: 2,431

Admirers: 28,934

Sales: 161,181 sales

Views: 563,379 views


Owner: Shuxin Linag

About: Sells jewelry findings and handmade resin pendants.

Followers: 1,299

Admirers: 14,706

Sales: 152,625 sales

Views: 1,545,246 views


Owner: Name not stated

About: Sells Czech Picasso Beads, Flower Beads, and Bali Findings.

Followers: 1,303

Admirers: 13,705

Sales: 135,020 sales

Views: 692,802 views


Owner: Margaret and Patrick

About: Sells Czech Glass Beads, Vintage Beads, and more!

Followers: 893

Admirers: 15,003

Sales: 128,705 sales

Views: 737,810 views

Hopefully you find this post useful and get new ideas on how to manage your Etsy shop.

Who knows?  You might get included in our next article about Etsy’s New Top 10 Sellers. Good luck!

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