6 Etsy SEO Myths You Probably Believe

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If you have anEtsy shop, you might (unfortunately) have been subjected to a few SEO myths.Before you start throwing away your time and money on an SEO strategy, read some of the Etsysearch engine optimization myths.

6-Etsy-SEO-Myths-You-Probably-BelieveThese are mythical SEO statements made in the Etsy forums. None of these statements about SEO are true. FACTS behind each MYTH are also included.

Myth # 1

My Etsy shop is too big. I’ll never be able to do SEO all by myself.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your shop. The best strategy is to take one page at a time. Always remember, each page will lead to your site. Focus on your most popular pages first to see what they need, and then keep the SEO core concepts in mind as you create new pages.

Myth # 2

The first three words of the product description are the most important words.

All of the first 140 characters of the listing description are important for Google. It’s a good idea to place at least one of the keyword phrases in this area. Use the rest of the keywords in the rest of the listing description.

Myth # 3

Your title must be in all capital letters to be searchable by Google. Words posted in your title with all CAPS appear quicker in searches. Or your title must NOT contain any capital letters to be searchable by Google. You should NOT capitalize the words in your title with the exception on the first and or second word.

All the search engines, including Google and Etsy, read small letters and caps exactly the same way. It does not matter to Google if the title is in all CAPS, mix of CAPS or small letters, although Etsy will not allow more than four words in all CAPS.

Myth # 4

Do NOT use punctuation in Titles, etc.

Punctuation can be used in shop titles, section names and listing titles as long as there is a space before or after the punctuation.

Myth # 5

The names of your images are relevant to your SEO efforts.

Etsy assigns a number to every image that is uploaded into the database of photosand disregards the names you put on your images before upload, therefore it does not matter what name you give the photo.

Myth # 6

Low, Medium and High competition codes or percentages on Google Adwords shows the competition for the keywords on Google searches.

Although, anyone can use this tool, Google Adwords keyword research tool was created for Google PPC Advertisers. The competition information, words, numbers or percentages, refers to the competition for the PPC ads for each keyword and has nothing at all to do with Google natural organic search results.

That’s it for now.

Good SEO is an ongoing, never-ending process. There’s always something that could be tweaked, optimized, or revamped.

Learn as much as you can about the basics of SEO and how you can apply them to your Etsy shop to make it even more successful.

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  1. Hey Gary Capps,
    You doing a great job to describe your whole years experience in one article that is very encouraging. Yes, you apply all six myth that you describe above, i think without Etsy SEO you cannot get results better and long lasting. Some poeple just add a listings on store and leave the store and waiting for results. SEO is main key to ranks etsy products to optimized title,tags, description etc.

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