5 Valentine’s Day Marketing Tips From Etsy Sellers

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Valentine’s Day is only a little over a month away and this is the perfect time to start thinking about your strategy to bring in more sales.

5-Valentine’s-Day-Marketing-Tips-From-Etsy-SellersHere are a few tips from successful Etsy sellers to get you started:

1. Tags

CrystalPearl from CrystalPearlJewelry

I’ve added Valentine’s Day and Valentine’s Gift as tags to some of my items.

Terrie Marcoe from byosmallbiz

Of course those tags will be good,but of course everyone and their mother will be using them, and so you won’t really get much of an edge in ranking. Consider tagging (and Titles and Descriptions) to be one component in your marketing plan.Other components would be blogs and other social media efforts, advertising efforts, perhaps working a giveaway, word of mouth, etc.

2. Shipping

Free shipping: it’s one of the most wanted parts of e-commerce. In fact according to a recent eMarketer study 58% wanted free or discounted shipping the most. There are also free shipping apps to help you with that.

Rebecca Dillon from RebeccasSoapDeli

Jacque from facebodyfeet says: Around what which time do you start posting Valentine’s day items in your shops?
I’ll be listing mine as soon as they’re ready as early in January as possible since allowing for shipping cuts a week off shopping times. It also gives products a chance to be featured in gift guides and on blogs.

3. Discount

Discount: giving a discount can actually drive sales. If you don’t do discount often, then this could be particularly effective, but days before Valentine’s day is when you should seize the opportunity.

4. Social Media

Run a contest and make your own Valentine’s day Facebook marketing.

Check this example below from Orofluido, a hair care product for women. They were searching for the cutest couple with this photo contest and grew their list by 3,300 subscribers and 2,800 new Page Likes.


During a photo contest encourage your participants to invite their peers to like your page and their photo. In this example they can choose for either the cutest couple or alternatively the cutest single person in a selfie contest. You should consider which one fits your audience better.

Contests can help to enlarge your fan base and to reach the friends of fans, as entrants usually invite their friends to vote. Typically, the number of votes counts when attempting to win, but also a round of judges can help to level the playing field.

5. More Tips

Crissy from Indiebizchicks

  1. Do some research and make a list of popular men’s blogs. Contact them and ask to have your product featured as a gift idea. (Men never know what to purchase their ladies!)
  2. Have an “I Love My Customers Sale” and offer a discount on some of your products / services (email your newsletter list, tweet about it on Twitter, post it on your Facebook Fan Page, etc)
  3. If you create products, create a special Valentine’s themed product
  4. Offer free customization on products (if applicable)

Valentine’s Day is the next big holiday making it the perfect time to push your items to those buying gifts for their loved ones. What are you doing now to maximize sales January through mid-February to take advantage of this holiday? And if you can think of any more, please leave them in the comments section.

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