3 Chinese New Year Marketing Tips For Handmade Sellers!

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Even though you may not be Chinese, it is still fun to celebrate this event with our Chinese friends and customers. Chinese New Year is coming and with that comes resolutions to do things better, more efficiently or maybe even keep up the good work you’ve been doing. You can use this opportunity to get more sales and give back to your customers.

3-Chinese-New-Year-Marketing-Tips-For-Handmade-SellersTo give you some inspiration, we’ve got 3 simple and effective tips to make your marketing plan work:

1. Thank You Red Envelopes

Rewarding existing customers is the easiest way to show your appreciation and retain their support. It doesn’t take much. A hand-written note, even if just offering thanks and well wishes, means a lot.

Relatives give gifts to one another at Chinese New Year. The most common tradition is to give red envelopes containing money. These money-containing red envelopes are usually given from older, married family members to younger, single family members. It is also common for young adults to give red envelopes to children in the family.

Hand out red envelopes to customers or include one envelope in their order. Red envelopes symbolize your wish of prosperity and good fortune to the recipient. Other common gifts include oranges, chocolates, sweets, and small trinkets.

2. Red Clothes

Let’s not forget about clothing. It is traditional for Chinese people to buy themselves a whole new set of new clothes to welcome in the fresh start of a New Year. These new clothes are usually red, as red is the colour of fortune and joy. If you’re a clothing or accessory retailer, make sure you stock up on those red garments.

3. Spread the Word

This is where SEO can really come into play! Publicize your blog, press releases and social media! Social media is big and only getting bigger. If you are not marketing on it, you are likely missing a large chunk of your target consumers.

Find ways to entice your audience to make return visits to your social media pages and blogs! Allow word-of-mouth to take its’ course on your social media pages but make sure you also regularly monitor your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

A good marketing plan will ensure you are not only sticking to your schedule, but that you are spending your marketing funds wisely and appropriately. I know it may seem overwhelming, but take one step at a time! The purpose of a marketing plan is to help you put everything into perspective.

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