8 Etsy Apps That Solve Your Shipping Problems

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It’s an easier time than ever to be a young, creative entrepreneur these days. Whether you’re running a successful online shop or just getting started commercializing your handmade business, there are new tools springing up online everyday to help you with shipping your products .

These tools can save you time, help you be more effective, and get you back to creating beautiful products fast:

1. Shipworks

shipworkslogoShipworks will help you ship more in less time. It allows you to automate shipping tasks so that it only takes a few clicks to print shipping labels, send email notifications, update online order status, and more. This can be integrated with more e-commerce platforms and shipping carriers. ShipWorks has direct integration with over 40 e-commerce platforms – such as Etsy, eBay, Amazon, and PayPal – and directly links to shipping carriers like DHL Global Mail, FedEx, FedEx Canada, i-parcel, OnTrac, UPS, and USPS (including Endicia, Express1, and Stamps.com).

2. ShipSaver Insurance

shipsaverWith ShipSaver you can purchase full coverage shipping insurance for your Etsy items at substantially lower rates. USPS First Class domestic and international shipments can be insured too. ShipSaver also saves you time by allowing you to purchase insurance in bulk and file your claims online. Rates start at just $.79 per $100 of coverage for USPS domestic shipments.

3. ShipRobot

shiprobotShipRobot is a web-based shipping solution for online merchants. It allows you to sync orders from your Etsy store in real-time and print a shipping label for an order with only a few clicks. After a label is created it automatically updates the order status to shipped within your Etsy store Admin. Tracking number emails are then triggered and sent to you and your customer.ShipRobot currently works with Etsy, Shopify, Amazon, Bigcommerce, Stripe, Squarespace, 3dcart, UPS, Canada Post, USPS (Endicia), and FedEx.

4. Shippo

logo-iconShippo makes shipments easy and affordable. Shippo integrates your Etsy orders and allows you to print labels with one click. You can choose your parcel dimension, pickup date, service type and preferred carrier and you will get your label within seconds. You can also save money on your shipping costs by comparing the express delivery rates of all courier services as it finds the best prices for your package shipments.

5. TrueShip

trueshipTrueShip sets up in minutes and delivers a user-friendly interface to quickly manage and ship orders.You will see a detailed view of each order’s items, shipping method, rates and more. It allows you to connect directly with today’s most popular ecommerce sales channels. You are also able to create online backup, visibility, reporting and tracking. In addition, collaborate and create a team environment with multiple Mac or PCs.

6. Shiplark

shiplarkShiplark integrates your Etsy store with your shipping providers so you can ship faster. It allows you to compare shipping rates from multiple providers, customize packing slips, print shipping labels and packing slips in batches and get rates and validate addresses before printing labels. It works with FedEx, UPS, and USPS (with Endicia, Stamps.com, and Express 1).

7. 71lbs

71lbs71lbs is a “set-and-forget” system that allows Etsy sellers to easily collect on your FedEx & UPS “late” refunds.If your overnight or ground shipment is late, even by 60 seconds, you should get 100% of your money back.


8. ShippingEasy

shipping easyShippingEasy ensures your orders are shipped, tracked and reported on. REAL TIME UPDATES back to your Etsy store, including shipping status and tracking numbers. It features email notifications to your customers (optional) with tracking numbers reducing queries and reassuring buyers, streamlined order fulfillment with batch processing and print functionality, and auto-populate customs forms and simplify international shipments.

What tools do you use to simplify the shipping process? Let us know in the comments below.

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