5 Things Every Handmade Seller Should Do At A Craft Show But Often Forgets!

Craft Maker Pro » 5 Things Every Handmade Seller Should Do At A Craft Show But Often Forgets!

Craft fairs are a great chance to get your brand and products in front of a wide audience.

5 Things Every Handmade Seller Should Do At A Craft Show But Often Forgets!During craft shows, you’ll meet not only customers, but also bloggers, store owners, photographers, and other people in the craft world.

So don’t miss your chance to make a good impression!

Here are 5 tips to help you make the most of your craft show experience:

1. Giving Business Cards

Business cards are a must when doing a craft fair. Try to get your information into the hands of as many people as possible at a show. There’s no need to be pushy- just casually hand them a card as they are walking away from your booth. You never know who will contact you with a fantastic opportunity or order at a later time.

Also remember to take cards from people you meet at the show. Keep them all in a little plastic bag and then go through them later- this way you don’t lose them or have them scattered around your supply box. Also make a note on a business card if they wanted a specific product or color so you can contact them in the future.

2. Start Conversations During Craft Shows

During the slow times, it’s good if you chat with other sellers and check out their work. You’ll meet lots of great people this way, as well as being able to catch up with friends you haven’t seen in a while. Networking within the craft community will help you find out about upcoming shows, retail opportunities, and more.

3. Encourage People To Sign-Up

If you comfortable with email marketing, I suggest you make a sign up sheet for your mailing list and have it at your booth. Just a simple pad of paper with a few columns can get the ball rolling! You can even do a product giveaway to encourage people to sign up. Always remember that it’s a big no-no to add someone to a mailing list without their permission, so make sure it’s clear that they will be added to your list of subscribers.

4. Giver Free Stuff

Everyone likes freebies right?!? Little, inexpensive items like buttons and stickers are a great way to get people to your booth as well as stimulate conversation. Even if they don’t purchase from you at the show, trinkets with your branding and business name on them are more likely to be kept than business cards. You never know who will buy from you later after finding that little freebie you gave them at a craft show!

5. Be Positive!

Keeping a happy face on at a show can be hard (especially after a long day), but maintaining your positivity is so important because you will seem more approachable. If you’re feeling burnt out, take a short break from your booth, if possible. Remember that everyone you talk to at a craft fair could have an important idea, opportunity, or event that might help your business.

Also, don’t forget the 7 things that most sellers want in a craft booth but often forgets and then you’ll be a craft show genius.

>>Download the Complete Printable Craft Show Checklist from here.

There you have it! If you think I forgot something worth mentioning in this article, please let me know in the comment box below.

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