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Maybe you’re a type of seller who wants to show how much you love your customers by including gifts to their packages or maybe you think that your carefully handcrafted item is a gift itself and don’t want to add other things that may end up in the trash bin.

Should You Include Gifts In Your Packages- (1)If you are torn between these two opposing ideas, you might want to check what Etsy sellers think about this topic:

Those who are for gifts:

Beatrice M from ArtBeatriceM
I often give gifts (say it’s a multiple purchase or repeat customer) but they really are free. The buyer would have paid exactly the same for their purchase(s) with or without a gift. I have lots of ‘try out’ pieces, or small prints that didn’t make the shop. It’s no skin off my nose to include these as a gift now & again.

The Good Cap’n from CapnsKustomWorks
I can see both sides of that, but I just cannot resist saying that if I got a package that had a “tiny gourd” inside, I’d be amused beyond belief!!! (And I would treasure it and make it into something amazing!)

TheBlack Elephant from TheBlackElephant
One customer commented that receiving her items all wrapped up was like opening a present and she savored the experience. I cannot tell you how that made my day. As customers, we bear the cost of all packaging, no matter where we buy from. Whether it’s the bag from walmart, blue box from Tiffany’s or tissue wrapped lingerie from VS.

Bel from TheLotusHeart
I personally love receiving thoughtful extras especially when they’re related to what I am buying. I have gone back many times because of that, it’s a little exciting!

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Those who are against gifts:

ThePurplePuppy from ThePurplePuppy
OK–one–I am diabetic and have received candy–and it goes straight to the trash. As for all the fancy schmancy stuff and “free” gifts. I figure bottom line is I am somehow paying for it. The only “special” packing I use is to wrap my items in tissue, place in a zip lock bag in case the package gets soiled along with laundry instructions. When I really want to “give” my buyers something I give them a coupon code for a percentage off on future purchases.

Beryl Wong from BerylAntique
I sell vintage clothing and embroideries. I used to send gift but I feel that customers who receive gift seems to be less satisfied with purchased item, compared to those who don’t receive gift. After a few times I stop including gift and I feel that is better to not include gift. I remember there were one or twice I received gift for vintage item I purchased from other sellers, I felt weird and started wondering why seller attached a gift- was there something wrong with the vintage item? Etc…, it might be a specific situation with vintage item

Eileen from TepperWear
Nope. My items are fairly inexpensive and I don’t want to make less profit. Also, I could never think of anything that would be related. And lastly, I hate waste. And I just don’t want to send something that might end up getting thrown away because it wasn’t wanted.

Suz from SuzsCountryPrims
No. And as a buyer, I don’t want another magnet, piece of candy, glitter, or a religious pamphlet. All of which I have received, lol. If it is something relating to my purchase, say, a soap sample when I’ve purchased soap, it’s appreciated.

Whether you want to include gifts on packages or not, the most important things to keep in mind is to make sure that what your customers will receive should always be related to their purchases and sometimes, gifts are unnecessary if you provide high quality handcrafted items.

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