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We’ve been talking about tips on marketing, social media and getting more sales for your handmade business and we’re not stopping yet. But let’s take pause and discuss a more important matter why you’re doing all of these.

5-Ways-To-Make-Money-Your-FriendYou know why you’re working hard to make your online store get noticed by your target customers… To.Earn.Money. (While doing what you love, of course!)

But how to make money your friend?

Money, money, money. Just the sound of the word can cause comfort, excitement, or anxiety. It’s difficult not to want new clothes, a nicer vehicle, a bigger house, and it’s easy (thanks to easy credit!) to convince yourself that your income will keep up with your expensive tastes today. Such a drive to “have it all” causes many women to both love and hate their bank accounts – and to dream about inheriting a windfall.

For all its allure, money’s impact in people’s lives may not be as great as it appears. Many psychological studies show that the super rich are no happier or more fulfilled than people with middle-class incomes. Think of your finances like your health. Everyone overindulges every now and then, but you feel and look so much better when you eat right and exercise regularly.

Here are some tips on how you can make money your friend:

1. Create A Budget

You know what your fixed costs are: housing, utilities, transportation, groceries, health care, clothing, crafting materials. Once you’ve covered the essentials, you can spend (or save) the rest of your earnings however you like.

2. Trim The Fat

Realistic spending is a lot like realistic dieting. Forgo a can of soda and save 100 calories. If you get a haircut every eight weeks, start going every nine weeks and you will save the cost of one haircut every year.

3. Keep Tabs

Debit and credit cards have turned overspending into a sport. Regularly balance your bank accounts.

4. Think Before You Buy

Thoughtful shopping is good for your bottom line. Buy the $100 crafting tools if you know you’ll use them for years to come. Don’t buy five pairs of $20 tools you’re not so sure about, because they could end up stuffed in the back of your closet.

5. Get Rid Of The Guilt

There’s nothing personal about money, but so many of us attach feelings to how we – and the people in our lives – spend and earn money. It’s important that we control our dollars, not the other way around.

Spend within your means, put money aside “just in case,” and budget for those luxuries you’d rather not live without. Money is power… but only when your balance sheet is in the black.

You’ll have more than enough when you realize that you can be rich at any income because you are more than your money, you are more than your job or title, than the car you drive or the clothing you wear.

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