3 Basic SEO Tips That Every Etsy Seller Should Know

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Most of us use Google for hunting down a variety of places, items, and information and probably don’t really concern ourselves with how the information at the top of page one got there. Or why, for that matter, the sites that we expected to find aren’t there.

3-Basic-SEO-Tips-That-Every-Etsy-Seller-Should-KnowIf you are an Etsy seller, getting found in the first page of Google is important. Depending on the type of site, organic search traffic is usually one of the biggest traffic drivers for all websites — the art of this is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

This activity is helping a search engine understand what a webpage is about. The important thing that Etsy sellers should place their focus on is help Google understands what kind of product they are selling, what their characteristics are, along with materials, style and category.This way, when people search specific terms on Google, it knows that you are the perfect result for this user. The consequence is that Google will show you higher in the result list. If you’re going to apply SEO techniques correctly, more people are going to find your products, and more people will arrive to your Etsy shop to buy.

Here are some basic SEO tips that you can do for your Etsy shop.

Google’s Index

First, you can see how Google has indexed your shop by going to Google and typing in the following:


For example, if your shop’s name is DessertFairy, I would type:

site:etsy.com dessertfairy

You’ll then see the first of many pages with links to your shop, its sections, and its items. Near the top, you’ll see tabs for Web (the default), Images, Maps, Shopping, etc. The ones you are interested in are Web, Images, and Shopping.

1. Web Tab
On the Web tab, you’ll see 10 entries per page with each entry having a page title in big blue text, a link in green, and a description of what’s on the page.

You can edit the descriptions of your shop and your listings based upon the first 156 characters and keywords you place in your Shop Announcement and Listings respectively. These 156 characters are all the Google searcher has to evaluate whether they click through to see what’s on the page.

Unfortunately, no one told you that it wasn’t enough for you to create wonderful items; you have to know a bit about marketing and psychology too. The best thing for you to do is to put yourself in the position of the searcher looking for a shop or product like yours. Would you click through? What would it take for you to click through?

Creating product description is easy. It needs to be words that answers what your target customers are looking for. If they click through, you get a view. Then your shop, its listings and product images need to impress the visitor to close the deal.

2. Images Tab
In this tab, you can evaluate how inviting your pictures are. Whereas on the web tab where all you had was words, now you just have pictures. Are they convincing enough to get you a visit? If not, find free ways to improve your craft photography skills.

3. Shopping Tab
This tab contains your product listings and you should see pictures along with descriptions as well as quite a lot of other information (e.g. category, price, link to reviews). Once again, that description is key. You have 156 characters to make your pitch.

I could say much more, but hopefully this gives a few of you something to work on to improve your site’s chances of getting more views. One last thing: be patient after you get your descriptions fixed; it can take Google a while to update your page entries.

Make sure that you link up your Etsy store to Google analytics.

It’s important that once you start getting traffic to your store that you actually know what its doing.

Good luck.

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