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November is here and it’s time to make this a memorable Thanksgiving for your current and future customers.

Thanksgiving-Day---4-Marketing-Tips-For-Handmade-SellersLet’s celebrate this special time of the year and take a minute to reflect on all the things we are thankful for. At the same time, let’s also focus on how to bring the most out of your marketing ideas during this holiday.

Here’s a collection of marketing tips and tactics you can use this Thanksgiving holiday for your handmade business:

1. Thanksgiving Message

Send a customized e-mail to your customers to thank them for their purchase. It is especially important to express your gratitude to your patrons who remained loyal to your brand for a long time.It will stand out more if the customer’s name is hand written and the card is signed by you and a personal note is included.

TIP: MeebleMail has templates for email that make emails look like stationery. That’s a simple way to make your emails stand out from the crowd.

2. Social Media Strategy

Thanksgiving is a perfect time for handmade sellers to show gratitude. This can be a great idea for your handmade business’ social media pages. Each day of the week, post an image or a status update about something you are feeling especially thankful for. Reflect on the things you are passionate about and emphasize the feeling of gratitude to your followers.

In addition, consider sharing followers’ favorite recipes or bestselling culinary items from your retail store. Or if you have a fashion-loving audience, you might curate snaps of Thanksgiving-ready outfits.

3. Thanksgiving Gifts

According toa research about consumer psychology fact, people appreciate free gifts more than discounts or value propositions. By offering a complimentary gift, there’s a chance that they’ll spread good feedback about your business. Your customers would love some recognition.

Think about gifts in the form of discounts, holiday specials, free items, buy-one-get-one offers, and bulk discounts. Don’t forget to advertise these offers on your social profiles.

Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the end… of the year. As an example, you can giveaway calendars. Many people buy calendars for the upcoming New Year while they’re out holiday shopping for friends and family. Head them off at the pass by printing and distributing your calendars before Thanksgiving. If you can design a calendar that strikes a chord with your customer base, you’ll be positioned to market to your customers each and every day all year long.

4. Black Friday Marketing

Excite your loyal customers by letting them know that this year you have something special in store for them. Have 7 Thanksgiving offers, ranging from free shipping to discounts and gift card giveaways, one value proposition per day. One option is to make these offers available only to subscribers of your blog or newsletter.Offer a discount or promotion like 25% off or free shipping.If you run a brick-and-mortar store, offer incentives for customers to return to the store.

Do you think that Thanksgiving is an important time of the year full of opportunities for small businesses?Do you have any other creative and inspiring holiday marketing strategies? Please share with our readers in the comments!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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