training-videosWelcome to our video support section. With over 30 videos showing you step by step how you can started quickly and easily with Craft Maker Pro you will be sure you be up and running in no time.

Click on the links below to launch the video you would like to see. Most videos are 2-5 minutes long so you get straight to the information you need.

Getting Started

Installation on Windows:
Watch this tutorial to learn how to install Craft Maker Pro on your Windows machine.

Installation on MAC:
Watch this tutorial to learn how to install Craft Maker Pro on your Mac machine.

Creating a Windows Shortcut:
Learn how to create shortcut to Craft Maker Pro from your desktop.

Craft Maker Pro has several options for navigation. Watch this tutorial to learn how to get around.

Company Setup & Administration:

Company Setup:
Setup your admin area with all your company details and logo.

Hourly Rate calculator:
Use the built in hourly rate calculator to know exactly what your time is worth and what to charge.

Backing Up:
Backup your data to make sure you never have any problems.

Inventory and Production:

With the Admin taken care of now you need to start adding in inventory.

Enter in the details of the vendors that you make your purchases from

Inventory Parts:
Keep track of your inventory so you always no what you have to hand.

Inventory Pieces:
Use Craft Maker Pro to automatically price your craft work and keep track of it.

Bills Of Material:
Get a breakdown off anything that you have created including costs and inventory.

Customers and Sales:

Keep track of your customer information including alerts for special times and dates.

Create professional looking invoices in just a couple of clicks.

Let others sell your craft work for you using consignment tracking.

Advanced Features Information:

Prefer using the keyboard? Learn the shortcuts to tabbing through Craft Maker Pro.

Learn how to use the print preview and review your information for hard copy.

List and Detailed Views:
List views give you a quick insight while detailed views give you much more information.

Alerts Summary:
Set alerts for stock levels and customer information.

Etsy Calculator:
Work out the correct price that you need to sell your goods for on Etsy to make a profit.

Duplicating Parts:
If you buy similar items then learn how to quickly duplicate them in your inventory.

Duplicating Pieces:
If you make similar items that just have slight differences then learn how to duplicate them in your inventory.

Posting Images To Facebook:
Use Craft Maker Pro to post your latest creations to Facebook.

Adding Part Purchases In Vendor Screen:
Quick edit to add parts or import large sheets of purchase information.

Parts Stock Reports:
Run a report of exactly what parts you have in stock.

Pieces Stock Report:
Run this report to see what pieces you have in stock.

Profit Loss Report:
Run this easy Profit and Loss report to find out how well your business is doing.

Dimensions Weights and Volumes Tables:
Convert almost anything to find out weights, volumes and dimensions.

Quick Find:
Use the quick find to search through your information quickly.

Print professional looking catalogs of your finished crafts for your customers.

Invoice Catalogs:
After printing an invoice for your customer you can print them a catalog of their purchases.

Craft Maker Pro can print a selection of Dymo labels, or you can create your own.

Export Data:
You can export your data into excel for use in any other way you wish.

Advanced List Views:
Customise your list views to show you the information you want to see.

List Subtotals:
Calculate subtotals for items in list views.

Print List Views:
Make a direct print out of your list views.

Manage Waste Inventory:
Waste stock still needs to be accounted for. Learn how.