Backing Up

Backing up your data is essential to make sure you never have any problems. With Craft Maker Pro you get timely reminders of when to do this to make sure that you always have a regular backup schedule. We highly recommend that you take copies of these and save them to a separate location off your computer in case of computer failure.

==>> Get a drop box account here. It’s free. 🙂

Important Note:

After restoring a backup you may get the message that your license code has been installed to many times. If you get this message you simply need to do a local reset on your machine.

In order to do that follow these steps:

  1. When you start CMPro hold down ctl + alt (mac users can use ctl+shift)
    Make sure that you double click to start CMPro first THEN hold down ctl + alt as the window starts to open. DO NOT hold down ctl + alt and then click to start CMPro while they are pressed.
  2. ​Count to 2 or 3 before pressing ctl+alt.
  3. ​Keep it held down until it launches fully
  4. At this point you should get a reset message and a string of numbers letters to enter
  5. Enter these and follow the prompts to do a local reset as well
  6. CMPro will shutdown
  7. Restart CMPro
  8. Enter in your registration details

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