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Use the vendor screen to add in quick details for purchases OR import spreadsheets of your purchases to save time.


Resources & Information:

Download the blank copy of the csv file for use with importing from here:

CSV File Heading Descriptions:

  • Part Manufacturer Item ID:
    This is the most important field. If this matches a current manufacturer id the purchase will be adding to an exist part in your inventory. If there is no existing matching ID then a new part entry will be created. If there are duplicate manufacture ids in your csv file for more than one part they will not get imported.
  • Part_Category
    Enter a category for the part
  • Part_Description
    Enter a part description
  • Part_Name
    Enter a part name
  • Part_Size
    Enter a part size
  • Part_#_Per
    Enter the total number of parts per bag/pack/wire length etc
  • Part_Date
    Enter the purchase date
  • Part_Per
    Enter a description for the unit of measure, ie bag/roll/pack etc
  • Part_Price
    Enter the total price of the purchase
  • Part_QTY_Purchased
    Enter the number of bags/packs/rolls of wire etc purchased
  • Ship_Cost
    Enter the shipping cost
  • Tax_Inc_Flag
    Enter 1 if Tax is included. Enter 0 If tax is not included
  • Tax_Percent
    Enter the Tax amount as a decimal. 0.1 = 10%, 0.5 = 5% etc
  • Vendor_Order_#
    Enter a Vendor order number (if applicable)

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