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You set up your mini-studio, captured the best photos of your products, enhanced it with Photoshop and posted it on your website or Etsy.

One day, you see other crafters using your photos WITHOUT your PERMISSION! What the????

It’s a right pain in the patootie because you worked hard for it and others are just grabbing it for their own use without your consent.

When photos are posted online, they are rarely protected, meaning they can be used by anyone who has access to them. Photos can be protected through copyrights, but a trick often used by photographers is to watermark their photos.

If you’re a post your photos online, I highly recommend that you start watermarking any photos you consider important.

Here’s how:


Posting beautiful photos online without watermark is like flashing an exquisite jewelry in a dungeon of thieves. There’s no sheriff online to keep the peace so consider adding a copyright watermark on your photos.

If you would like to improve your handmade items photos even more then check out our craft photography series to find out how to take stunning photos.

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