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There are important reasons why you should add text to your product photos . If you are one of the few who wants to secure your own product images, you should start adding text now. Any photo editing apps should allow you to add text. And if you don’t want to purchase photo software, there are some free programs out there like Phonto, Font Candy and PicLab.

Easiest-Way-To-Add-Texts-On-Your-Product-PhotosAnd here a few more tips if you do decide to add text on your photos:


Phonto is a simple, free app that gives you plenty of opportunities to dress up your images with text in a large variety of decorative fonts, or to add text inside thought bubbles, placards and badges. A large assortment of stickers such as stars and hearts can be placed in various colors and angles. Use your finger or the arrow keys to move elements around on the canvas or tilt or change size and color.

Font Candy

Font Candy allows you to add texts to your product photos. You can choose a colorful image and you get the masked interface with a default font. Each color tile adds a tint to the mask and a slider bar adjusts the effect. A small square toggles the colors between the background and the text, with the image still inside the letters.


PicLab for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, nominally a photo editor, offers a range of easy-to-use typographic elements and attractive display and decorative fonts in addition to filter effects that you can use on your photos. The built-in font collection lets you do the usual things, such as resize, rotate and adjust opacity. Multiple text layers let you mix fonts together for nice poster-type effects.


Stickr is an app for people who want to type on their images with minimal time and fuss and express that sticker aesthetic. Stickrs lets you choose from a colorful assortment of some 300 designs and place them anywhere atop your image for a scrapbook-like effect. That doesn’t mean the outcome will lack your personal touch. You still have the ability to change color, text, photo filtering effects, and more.

Tips On How To Add Texts On Your Product Photos

  1. Keep it Simple: It would be nice of you use simple and easy to read fonts for your text. Remember, that fancy or super scroll-y font is darling… but it could also be hard to read at first glance. However, there is no rule here! If that fun font is ‘totally you’, go for it! Do what works for you.
  2. Use Text Sparingly: Less is more. Be selective about how and where you use text. Make sure it’s short, catchy and explains what you’re trying to convey. Sometimes the photo can speak for itself.
  3. Save the Originals: You never know when you might need a text-free version of that picture. Save the original file, just in case Nate Berkus or Martha Stewart comes calling!

That’s it. Maybe try to start employing one or two of these approaches listed above.As with all aspects of blogging, the choice is yours. This is a personal style decision and using no words is also acceptable.

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