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Google+ is one of the many social media available online that is overlooked by online handmade business owners. It has a place where you can also share and learn your craft product and experiences. I am talking about Google + communities.

7-Google+-Communities-For-Creative-ArtistsDifferent than your personal profile in Google+, and your blog’s page in Google+, a community is just that – a community. A meeting place for like-minded individuals who want to share information, ask questions, and communicate around a specific topic.

A Google+ community is an online campfire. You might want to start a Google+ account if you have none to join communities’specific for creative artists.

Here are 7 Google+ communities perfect for a handmade seller like you:

1. 30 Minutes Crafts

30 Minute Crafts was created out of the need for fast crafting. Though the owner, Carolina loves intricate, detailed crafts she doesn’t always have the time. 30 Minute Crafts community is a place for creative people who like fast and easy to make DIY crafts. This will inspire you to create something, without the huge time commitment. You will discover crafts that inspire you to take a minute (or thirty) to create something new.

2. ModgePudge Rocks

Mod Podge Rocks is owned by a crafter, DIY-er and blogger, Amy. Mod Podge Rocks community will expose you to a collection of tutorials and how-tos featuring the world’s greatest decoupage medium.

3. Social Media Exploration

Social Media Exploration creates influence in social media in order to increase audience. Check this community out to get ideas on how you can get more customers by updating your social media marketing skills.

4. Crafts Community

Crafts Community is a great place to talk about and post your crafty creations. This community allows you to post your creations. However, a moderator may decide to apply a higher level action against your or your posts immediately, without prior notice or warning. If you are unsure about any part of the community guidelines, you can contact a moderator before posting your content, they can advise you.

5. Google+ For Creative Bloggers

Google+ for Creative Bloggers is a community where you can share and learn about Google+ for your niche. They also allow you to post in the community. However, posts must be relevant to aspects of using Google+, otherwise they’ll be deleted.

6. Decorative Painting For Home & Crafts

Decorative Painting for Home & Crafts. This community is for creative artists who love paint to decorate their homes, keep the kiddos busy, and create holiday crafts. Whether you’re an expert painter or a newbie who wants to learn, you can come and join the discussion! All posts & photos must be paint-related or they will be deleted.

7. Home Décor

Home Decor is the community for all home decor enthusiasts! You can share your photos, tips, inspiration for home decor. And yes, your blog links too! Please remember this is a community to share, support & network with other home decor enthusiasts. Sales posts or anything unrelated to home decor will be removed.

That’s it for now. Don’t forget to check other online craft communities and forums related to crafting.

If you have a community, add it below. And if you see a community you’d love to join – please do. And don’t forget to add Craft Maker Pro in Google+ on your circle to get fresh ideas on how to make profit on your handmade business.

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