5 Of The Best Photography Tips You Will Ever Learn From Etsy Sellers

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So you have worked day and night perfecting your product photos.

5 Of The Best Photography Tips You Will Ever Learn From Etsy SellersIf you shop on Etsy, you know a lot of space is taken up with great photographs of the various items you can buy from sellers. If you sell on Etsy, you know it can take a lot of work to make those photos look so good!

So what should you do?

I have scoured Etsy forums for the best advice from sellers to help you get started and improve your photographs.

1. Read The Camera’s Manual

Joy Merryman from JoyMerrymanStore
“Reading the book that came with my camera was so worth while. Figuring out the white balance and f stop that was best for my photos saves time in editing. Oh, and light… nothing else matters without enough quality light.”

2. The Power Of Natural Light

Twisted Metals By Neva Starr from NevaStarr
“Always use Natural lighting – Overcast days are your best friend. Shadows are the enemy!!!”

Greg DeMark from GregDeMarkJewelry
“I sell jewelry so good closeups are important. I can’t say my photos are great but they have improved a great deal the past few years. For me using filtered natural light early in the morning along with an OTT – Lite for additional lighting when needed.

I also think things improved for me when I went from using a point and shoot camera to a Canon Rebel DSLR with a 28 to 70mm lens set at 50mm with 1x, 2x and 4x magnifiers added as needed to the end of the lens.”

3. Check What You Wear

Holly from FiveLittleGems
“Watch what you’re wearing when you’re taking photographs. have a red shirt on? that can reflect and cause your photos to turn pink.”

June from isewcute
“I sometimes wear a white shirt to bounce light back onto the dark sides of my pieces when I’m photographing them.”

4. Get Close With Nature

CountryDreaming from CountryDreaming
“As a fine art photographer whose had my artwork exhibited in art galleries and museums, it’s all about being in the right place at the right time to get the photo.

Photoshop can help, but it isn’t the main thing. Sometimes you have to stand out in nature, or hike a trail, for hours, in all kinds of weather.”

Jackie Jasper from mountainlilyfarm
“I keep my cameras with me when I am out working in the garden (or close by in the potting shed). It is the best way to capture the butterflies that show up unexpectedly. Natural light in the early morning, late day or overcast day gives the truest colors.”

5. The Right Spot For Each Season

Brenda Watts from CattailsWoodwork
“Tripod and manual settings were the big thing for me. Also I tried spots around the yard until I found a space that gave me the best light and now I dedicate that spot in the summer for photo taking, did the same in the house for the winter months. I also take note of the time of day I get certain light and depending on the look I want I know what I will get.”

That’s it for now. How about you? Do you have product photography advice that you want share? Let us know in the comment box below and who knows, your tip may be featured on our next article. Don’t forget to include your online shop’s url.

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