8 Budget-Friendly Essentials For Your Craft Show Booth

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Making your own craft show displays really works if you’re on a budget.

8-budget-friendly-essentials-for-your-craft-show-boothThink about the aesthetic you want to create in your booth and the different types of products you’ll need to display.

Once you have a sense of the look you’re going for, you might start to see ordinary objects in a new way.

But if you don’t have enough time for it, you might want to consider these affordable ideas for your upcoming craft show/s:

  1. Purchase a used exhibit booth. Save over 50% on the cost of a booth by purchasing one second-hand. Check trade show journal classifieds, or even Ebay.
  2. Inexpensive display table option from Joann Fabrics. Joann’s “cutting table” frequently goes on sale for about $70, and offers a 60” x 35” table surface, while locking casters keep this mobile table from rolling. Folds up for storage.
  3. Buy from IKEA. Purchase adjustable table legs from IKEA to vary display height. IKEA is a great resource for cheapskates, and these nifty “Vika Kaj” adjustable height table legs work with their Vika line of tabletops to give you a flexible option on the height of your display. Table legs are $15 each. The telescope design makes them easy to transport. Also from IKEA, the “Dioder” 4-pack of light strips retails for about $49 and is modular. Great under shelves or in display cabinets.
  4. Portable, collapsible camping table comes in handy. Customers of REI rave about this table which folds up to a lightweight 10 pounds. Folded dimensions are 5/5” x 32” for a table that measures 35”x35”x28” when open and holds up to 100 pounds. Super durable, this item retails for about $78.00 on REI’s website.
  5. Save on hassles with spandex table covers. Wrinkle-resistant, machine washable and flame retardant, these table covers can even be emblazoned with your logo. Prices start at a little over $100 each. Knitted stretch sheets do the same thing for less, but must be treated with fire retardant.
  6. Use lightweight acrylic display equipment. Durable acrylic risers, “saddles” and display holders stay virtually invisible while showing your work to its best advantage.
  7. Interlocking foam flooring keeps your booth cushioned underfoot. Use modular interlocking foam flooring tiles (in a variety of colors) to make your booth a comfortable place to do business. These sell for about $1.89/sq. ft.
  8. Purchase cut flowers for a colorful statement. No shipping charges here, just a visit to a local market near the show venue for a gorgeous bouquet of cut flowers and a vase to place in your booth. Get as dramatic as you like. Choose flower types and colors that work with your booth theme.

Colors and textures can immediately catch the attention of shoppers as they’re walking the aisle, and help to easily communicate information about what you sell. Your booth decor should enhance your products, not take away from them. Try to keep it clean and cohesive with an added pop of color or texture.

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