11 Ways To Self-Promote As A Handmade Artist

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First off, if you are a handmade artist you’ve probably already realized that promoting yourself and your projects/business is absolutely vital to your success. And for many of you that probably makes you feel uncomfortable.

11-ways-to-self-promote-as-a-handmade-artist-1Many of us grew up hearing that we shouldn’t talk about ourselves too much as it might come off as bragging or like we are full of ourselves or something. But, if you’re about to launch your latest line of handmade necklaces and you don’t tell people… well, chances are no one is going to buy one (because they’ve never heard of it!).

As a handmade artist you need to figure out a way to self-promote your business. So in this video, learn a proper way of self-promoting what you already believe in, whether it’s yourself, your business, your clients, your product, your vendors and anything else.

This may not be directly about handmade but you will definitely pick up principles that will help you as a handmade business owner.

  1. Be Shameless – 8:44
  2. Tell Your Victories Through Personal Stories – 10:13
  3. You’re Only As Good As Your Last Victory – 11:57
  4. Build Up Others – 12:46
  5. Make Some Predictions 15:24
  6. Name Dropping – 17:29
  7. Book Dropping – 19:39
  8. Strong Opinions in Your Field of Expertise – 20:33
  9. Have Certainty in What You’re Talking About – 22:01
  10. What to Do if You Don’t Yet Have Any Victories – 22:47
  11. Do’s and Don’ts – 24:27


Just because self-promotion doesn’t come naturally to you, it doesn’t mean it’s something you shouldn’t do. It means it’s something you should work on. Because while it might seem foreign now, it’s all 100% learnable and doable.

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