7 Awesome Tips To Make Your DIY Tutorial Go Viral

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There is nothing worse then spending a whole whack of time crafting an amazing DIY tutorial, just to have it bring you little to no traffic and hear crickets. It’s not just a game of luck though. There are really specific things you can focus on and do with each blog post to make sure it reaches its full potential.

7 Awesome Tips To Make Your DIY Tutorial Go ViralHere are 7 tips to help your DIY tutorial go viral:

1. Amazing Video

Photography, particularly in the design / DIY / food / fashion / lifestyle arenas, plays such a huge role. Videos are usually what best performs on online platforms. Use each video as an opportunity as a way to make the best impression every single time. Find out how to make videos that go viral with the help of Darby Smart here.

2. Darby Smart

Log onto Darby Smart and become a Darby Designer. Simply by signing up and uploading your first idea, you’ll give 7 million people direct link access to your blog for tons of traffic. It’s so easy.

3. Pinterest Ready

Pinterest is a huge driver of traffic for most bloggers. It is consistently in my top 3 referrers to my blog. In order to get your full potential out of Pinterest, you need to make sure you have a “pinterest-friendly” image in each and every blog post you write.

4. Add Your Personality

Share your story, show your personality, and connect with your readers. There is a science behind it, but we all know that sparking happiness, inspiration, and passion can really make a message spread. From inspiring others with how you started crafting to sharing how you had the best birthday party ever, emotionally charged ideas are only an experience away.

5. Make Sharing Easy

Having other people share your content is one of the absolute BEST ways of getting your content out there. And you need to make it super easy for people to do this. Make sure you have social sharing buttons placed in a really obvious spot in or throughout your post so that your readers are encouraged to click on them.

There are tons of plugins that you can use to make this possible. I keep hearing and reading great things about SumoMe, both for sharing buttons and email sign-ups.

6. Reward Your Readers

Find a way to provide your readers something enticing and valuable. From giveaways to How-to’s, creating content that makes their time worthwhile – content that is useful or entertaining – prompts people to share and showcase your work in their own personal online places.

7. Be Informed

Stay up-to-date with current events and popular trends. Social media outlets make it easy with trending hashtag sections and trending topics. Joining the hashtag conversation and making your voice heard in new and unique ways can provide you with a bigger audience that goes beyond your current readership instantly.

That’s it. If you think I missed something, please let us know in the comment box below.

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