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Do you want to get free followers, repins and likes on Pinterest for free? Are you looking for a Pinterest app that will help you increase your creative business’ exposure?

6 Ways To Increase Your Views On PinterestIf yes, one tool can get your account moving in a better direction. As you know one of the top social sites these days is Pinterest.

Today, I have discovered a tool that can do it all for you. It’s called ViralWoot.

It is a powerful tool used by over 65,000 Pinterest users worldwide. Now equipped with precise analytics and a spam checker, this resource will help take your profile to the next level. Easily find out how users are interacting with your pins along with the latest trending keyword data.

The signup is free to get started with your email, after which you can add your Pinterest account.

1. Gain Pinterest Followers

As soon as you join Viralwoot and add your Pinterest account, your Pinterest profile starts appearing to other tens of thousands of Pinterest users on Viralwoot. And users who find your account interesting, start following you on Pinterest.

2. Promote Pinterest Pins

Viralwoot lets you add your pins for promotion within seconds. Just paste your pin’s link and promotion begins. You can boost your pin’s repins/like i.e. reach on Pinterest in an organic yet accelerated manner.

3. Manage & Grow Multiple Accounts

Thousands of social media marketers and agencies use Viralwoot for their clients. You can manage & grow multiple Pinterest accounts with a single Viralwoot account.

4. Schedule Pins (with free bookmarklet)

Only 4.8% American users use Pinterest during work hours, so it very important for you to pin at the right times. Use their Pin Scheduler to schedule pins for future dates.

5. Create Pin Alerts

Pin Alert feature lets you track what are people pinning from your website, who is pinning the most and what images from your website are trending on Pinterest.

6. Pinterest Analytics (Coming Soon)

Track your or your client’s Pinterest presence, virality and reach with their analytics feature. Also, find out your top performing boards, pins and connect with your influencers.

And oh… there is a 7th feature: Their users love their quick customer service (91.2% queries solved under 30 minutes).

Free accounts are given 30 “seeds,” which can be grown by following other users, repins, liking relevant content, or inviting new members to the service. These may also be purchased, and the more seeds in your account the more you can promote your brand on Pinterest with new followers, repins or likes.

For a monthly fee your Pinterest account(s) can be analyzed, according to Viralwoot, in the following ways:

  1. Get Pinfluence Score
  2. Track Basic Metrics
  3. Track Important Ratios
  4. Track Boards data
  5. Quality & Spam Analysis
  6. Pinterest SEO Analysis
  7. Trending keywords on Pinterest
  8. Best Day & Time for Pinning
  9. Best performing colors
  10. Actionable optimization suggestions

Check this video below to see how it works:

I hope that you are using Pinterest to promote your creative business because your customers are there and your business needs to be there as well.

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