How To Effectively Put Personality Into Your Brand?

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Ever wonder how to put your personality into your handmade business’ brand? Business branding is crucial. Even if you don’t define it, some sort of personality (even of the multiple variety) will come through. So it’s best to think about it now. Who do you want your brand to be?

How To Effectively Put Personality Into Your Brand-Here are some tips to help you put the right personality into your handmade business’ brand:

1. Drop The Formal Tone

The content on most craft business websites is not great. Full of gobbledygook. Filler words. Without any meaning. As a small business owner, you don’t want to sound like a corporate call center. You don’t need to have a corporate voice. People love your handmade pieces because of your creativity and quirkiness. Let it shine in your blog or website.
Your first step to developing an enchanting voice, is to get rid of corporate drivel:

  1. Don’t use passive voice. Instead of writing A mistake has been made (passive), own up to your error by writing I made a mistake (active).
  2. If you’re a one-person business, refer to yourself as I and me, not we and us. Your business doesn’t need to sound bigger than it is.
  3. Replace jargon and complicated words with simple words.
  4. You don’t need to impress clients with your command of the English language.
  5. Simple words and short sentences are your friends. They get your message across quickly, clearly, and concisely.

2. Add Personality To Your Voice

How can you sound like you? To infuse your writing with your personality, define your brand voice first. Think about meeting your favorite customer. How do you communicate with her? How formal do you sound? How polite? How rebellious? How enthusiastic?

Pay attention to your word of choice. When you speak, you have many tools to engage your listeners and express emotion. You can scream. You can whisper. You can use wild hand gestures. But when you write, you only have your words. That’s why you have to pick stronger words to avoid sounding wishy-washy. Look for sensory or emotional words to express your ideas:

Rather than bad, use rough, sleazy, or stinky.

Rather than boring, write drab, mind-numbingly dull, or boring-as-hell.

When you use sensory and emotional words, you help your readers visualize or feel your content. And that’s when they connect with you.

3. Share Personal Experiences

If you have an email list, you have subscribers who are saying to you, “Yes, I trust and like you enough to give you my email address.” Think about that. Earning that kind of trust from your audience is pretty awesome, right? Newsletters are a great opportunity to tell stories and share compelling blog content and tie them to your handmade products.

If you’re afraid that the authentic you would offend customers or make you appear unprofessional, watch this video and learn how to strike the right balance.


How about you? Have you identified the personality you want to put into your brand? What is your customers feedback? Please tell us your story in the comment box below.

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