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Are you looking for an effective social content strategy?

28-social-media-content-strategyAre you wondering about the things you can do to increase interaction on your craft business page?

We’ve got some effective tips for you!

Crafting a content strategy for social media is just as important as developing a strategy for what is published on your craft blog and website. Social media serves as a megaphone that you can use to create its overall online presence, which in turn shapes brand recognition and sentiment.

So, how can you amplify your social content strategy?

  1. Know Your Social Media Platform – Before you reach your customers online through social media, it would be great if you study first how your chosen social media platform works to make the most out of it. We have prepared some useful tips for you to get started on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.
  2. Ask A Question – It is the easiest way to shape your social media content strategy. Ask an engaging question about the main issues of crafting, but make sure that it is easy for users to answer. You might also be interested to conduct a survey using SurveyMonkey.
  3. Solve Their Problems – We all love it when somebody helps us like  the way we get answers in Google. Humans have survived for so long because they’re great at answering questions like “What do I do when my t-shirt’s stitching rips?”.
  4. Variety! – You don’t always have to ask your fans what they think. Mix it up!  Begin the post with the word “TIP!”  This makes your status update stand out in your fans’ News Feeds. Also, social media posts that include videos and photos of your handicrafts have a higher engagement and click-through rate than pure text content or text with a link to more content. Check how you can make attractive photos of your handicrafts by using Photoshop.
  5. Share Stories – Whether it’s from your competitor or a random article, share it! Create a status update that features your hobby, product, or market’s most interesting fact or statement to stir reader curiosity and encourage click-throughs. Also, social media is most powerful when you use it to tell personal stories, not to sell your products.
  6. Be Friendly – Be responsive and attentive to customer comments, and use social media to post testimonials or customers feedback to your products and business. You have a huge competitive advantage if you respond to your customers.
  7. Tell Customers Where To Find You Online – Don’t forget to add your social media information on your website, business card, blog, email signature, newsletter, and any other way you communicate with them. And when it’s appropriate, slip it into your face-to-face conversations.
  8. Connect With Fellow Crafters – Join existing conversations and initiate new ones. Listen and comment where it makes sense without sounding like a commercial for your business. You can start by creating a new discussion or you can simply start a fresh conversation with an interesting fact, provocative question or news item.
  9. Be Active! – The trick is to strike the balance between being active enough to stay top of mind but not too active that you risk alienating your audience due to an overzealous approach to sharing information. To determine the right amount of activity for your craft business page, take your cues from your audience in terms of their levels of interaction.

Don’t forget the most important tip for an effective social content strategy and that is about being true! Good content isn’t fake. It doesn’t make promises that it can’t keep. It’s human and honest. It has a personality and a point of view. It’s intrinsically social. That’s why it engages us. Your audiences will sniff it out if you’re pretending. But if you’re fun, honest and relevant, they’re going to recommend you to their friends. Isn’t that what social media’s all about?

That’s it for now. Hopefully these tips help you in your business.

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