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Are you participating in any online groups?

20-Groups-Every-Etsy-Seller-Should-JoinThere is a virtually endless number of groups one could join centered on nearly every topic imaginable, and more are formed every day. Every group has its own purpose, whether a general theme (crafting) to something specific (jewelry, quilting, etc).

For a shop owner this is an important step towards success on the handmade industry. There are many groups online and in your area, all with their own distinct purpose. Whether you need a general shop critique, social media advice, or help with SEO, there is a group for you.

The benefits of joining groups include:

  • Endless source of new tips and trick to get noticed and make sales
  • Feel part of the arts and crafts community
  • Share new listings and get visitors to your shop
  • Request and received feedback and advice on your listings and shop setup
  • Connect with other Etsians on your social media
  • Share links to your other places online – such as pinterest, stumble and blog posts.
  • Connect with Etsians in your local area
  • Keep up to date with what’s going on within the Etsy community
  • Market your Etsy shop and help promote other artists and crafters.

With thousands of groups to choose from, how do you know which groups are best for you? Here are our top choices:

Online Groups

Etsy is a popular site for those who like to purchase handmade gifts but it’s also popular among those who like to create in their spare time and share some of their unique creations with the world. Aside from Etsy teams, here are some groups for Etsy sellers you can find on Facebook:

  1. Etsy Sellers – 13,023 members
  2. Etsy treasury, items and sharing – 10,329 members
  3. Etsy Lovers –7,024 members
  4. Etsy Group – 7,124 members
  5. Etsy and Artfire united –5,295 members
  6. Etsy Fashion –2,569 members
  7. Etsy..everything wonderful in life –1,711 members
  8. Etsy deals and promos –5,166 members
  9. Promote your Etsy shop –4,694 members
  10. Addicted to Etsy –1,157 members
  11. Etsy promo love –6,657 members
  12. Etsy Sellers United –2,059 members

Local Groups

Then there are a lot of local groups, I would highly recommend joining/liking them.

  1. Etsy Chicago – 166 members
  2. Etsy Australia – 870 members
  3. Handmade Enthusiasts –(San Jose, CA) – 626 members


There are a lot of other groups you can join. Here are a few groups that you will enjoy.

  1. Handmade Crafters Buy and Sell Group – 13,287 members
  2. It’s Better Handmade Group – 21,188 member
  3. Handmade Saturday – 494 members
  4. Handmade Artists Forum & Shop – 3,913 members
  5. On-line Venue for Handmade Arts & Crafts, and Inventions – 4,897 members

There are literally thousands and thousands of people just like you who would love to exchange ideas and share a customer base. These groups are a community feature where you can gather with peers to socialize, get advice from experienced members, and share information about running a business in your area.

Remember to observe the rules you agree to when becoming a member, and express your appreciation when you get the answers you were seeking.

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