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It seems like we are not having a good run if things these last two weeks.

facebook-spamAfter the issues with Paypal a couple of weeks ago this week Facebook have marked our site as spam so any links we are posting to our Craft Maker Pro Fan page are being flagged as spam when someone clicks through.

Hopefully you are using Facebook as part of your online marketing strategy for selling your craft work and if you are then you don’t want this to happen to you.

So, this is the message a user is currently getting whenever someone clicks on a link from Facebook to one of our posts in our blog.


Not very cool..!!

Our site is not spammy at all.

We have great unique content, a good product that we sell and we don’t link out to spammy sites so what gives?

Searching Google for answers as to why Facebook think your site is spam will reveal a ton of other people who have this same issue.

The basic answer we found is that for some reason Facebook have filtered your site and found it to be spammy and there is nothing you can do but contact them.

A whole bunch more digging through posts and forums revealed this link here to allow you to do that.

Before filling in that form though I carried on searching to see if I could find any reason why we may have been marked as spam.

I came across this post here which right at the end said “Facebook had not made its terms and conditions on this issue entirely clear as to what and what is not acceptable when posting your links on Facebook, be sure that even while using URL Shorteners, don’t post your link again in multiple groups in succession, you could again have your website blocked. Try to use limited links, may be less than five links a day to be on a safer side.”

One part of this may make sense for us because we posted the same article to two fan pages we own at exactly the same time using the Facebook scheduler to our Craft Maker Pro fan page here and our Bead Manager Pro fan page here.

We literally set this to post at the same minute to both accounts, so maybe that’s what tripped it.

For now we have contacted Facebook through their support form here to request the flag be lifted.

I also asked them if this was the cause, but to be honest I’m not really expecting a reply, just hoping that the flag gets lifted would be good enough for now.

What I do know for the future though is we wont be posting the same url at the same time to more than one account, and just to be on the safe side I wouldn’t do that if I were you either.

If you got marked as spam by Facebook did you find a way to resolve it?

Or better still did you find out what actually caused it?

If we get an answer I’ll be sure to come back here and update the post or do a follow up.


We actually found a solution to get round the Facebook spam penalty and have posted it here.

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