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Wouldn’t you agree that if I were to say that creating your email marketing list is a crucial process that your handmade business will need to go through?

Email List Building Strategies You Need To Know Right NowYou should focus on the quality of the marketing list over the quantity you can gain from an audience that’s interested in you, and is will to engage with your business.

Read further for some email marketing strategies that will help you to effectively build your list.

1. Newsletter

The first strategy is to create a dedicated newsletter or a resource page. It could be the AWeber, which can help you to outline the benefits of joining your newsletter, and letting you reach your audience who would probably need a little motivation to give their e-mail address to you. In the same page is the Call to Action to sign up for updates.

2. Great Content

The second strategy is to send great emails, which is a significant part of digital marketing. Great emails actually add value that the subscribers need. To do that, you should send interesting and targeted information, this way, they are engaged and even willing to share to others the information coming from you.

3. Email Series

The third strategy is by making an autoresponder series. The autoresponder is a series of email content that is sent every time someone joins your email list. Through the series, your leads will be pulled to stay connected with you, while you are building their trust. A great example is putting a numbered list as it will leave readers excited. Then you could put a lead magnet or a free downloadable product.

4. Social Sharing

Another strategy is the social sharing. You can do this by encouraging your subscribers to share and forward your emails by putting social sharing icons buttons, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+.

5. Email Subscription Options

Another strategy is by putting multiple email subscription types that you use to send more targeted content to specific portions of your marketing personas. What’s amazing is that the results are highly effectively, you can also add a link in your email’s signature, which is actually a landing page – another strategy to make people sign up to your list.

6. Create Engagement

Lastly, make personal connections, wherein you will get email addresses at offline events like networking events, and tradeshows, then simply import them to your database.

You can be creative and strategic in growing your email list, but focus on using a specific strategy at a time, so you can see which ones produce the best results.

From this post, you have learned the best ways to build your email list. This is through putting opportunities for filling in the sign-up forms in your site. There were list building strategies mentioned such as making a personal connection from you to your audience, etc.

Now over to you. How are you going to beautify your pages and your emails and attract more leads? Do you have more tips to share with us? Please let us know in the comments to help your friends here at Craft Maker Pro.

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