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Yehey!  So you’ve come to the crafty side and started your very own craft business – congrats and long may it continue!

Top view of a relaxed pretty girl lying by laptop on floorOf course to make your business last, it requires patience and strategies — and getting a blog should be part of your strategy.

Why? Because it allows you to promote your products, give your customers an insight to who you are, provide tutorials, and showcase the craft making skills of others. By doing these things, it increases the customers trust towards you and your business, encourage others to go into business themselves, and create a little corner (that is less formal, and more casual than your shop) for craft makers to congregate. A well known blog provider that is used by many artisans is WordPress.

WordPress has an easy to use interface which anyone can handle. In WordPress you will be able to compose a post about your craft and publish it on your website with just a few clicks! With WordPress you can also easily customize the look of your website for there are lots of free cool WordPress themes available on the internet.

To get started, go to WordPress site and register. Also, here’s an easy WordPress Guide for you.

You can also check this video tutorial on how to make a professional looking WordPress website:


You don’t need to be a computer geek (the help you need is in their help pages) or a help from a professional to manage your own blog/website.

Check our list of sites providing cool themes for your arts and crafts business blog/website:



After setting up your WordPress blog, you can then try 30 free ways to promote your craft business and products online.

Success is personal.  Whether the dreams for your craft business are humble or splendid, you will find lots of help on this blog to define and create your own happy, profitable version of success right here.

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