This Is Why It’s OK To Close Your Craft Store Temporarily

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Are you a believer of down time?

This Is Why It’s OK To Close Your Craft Store TemporarilyIf not, you should know these things to realize its importance.

I read an interesting article in Time Magazine.

It was about the disappearing American vacation and how, as a nation, they’re taking less time off and feeling more exhausted and stressed than ever.

Is this only applicable to Americans? Of course, no. If you’re a non-stop worker, you should continue reading.

According to research, chronic overwork has a devastating impact on productivity, health and happiness. It also links to depression and cardiovascular problems. No surprise there, right?

No matter where you live in the world, many of us can relate to feeling overstretched. Like we’re busting at the seams with the non-stop demands of modern life.

According to one handmade artist: “Perfect timing. I am taking off at the moment, although I was pushed into it through catching a very bad cold. I wanted to take a vacation anyhow, but then my business was going so overly well, that I thought, I could delay my vacation. But then my body forced me to take off! Very stupid, because now I am sick for two weeks and I can’t go on holiday of course. So I have to go on holiday when I am healthy again. It is so important to take time off, esp. for people who are so obsessed about their work.”

Or maybe your body didn’t force you to take your time off but your handmade business? 168,000 accounts were shut down on Etsy in 2014. If your business is one of them, this might be a good opportunity for you.

So what do you need to hear more to convince you that it’s okay to close your craft store temporarily?

Check this video from Marie TV:

Don’t wait for your body or business to force you to take your time off. If you never take sufficient time out, how do you recharge?

You should know that it helps you improve your skills and gives you a whole new perspective when you get back, especially if you’re one of the creative people.

Let us know your thoughts about closing your business temporarily. We’ll wait for you to comment in the box below.

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