168,000 Etsy Accounts Shut Down in 2014 – Is Your Store Next?

Craft Maker Pro » 168,000 Etsy Accounts Shut Down in 2014 – Is Your Store Next?

Do you own one these accounts? Are you afraid that your store might be included next? What’s this fuss all about?

168,000 Etsy Accounts Shut Down in 2014 – Is Your Store NextIn 2014, Etsy decided to better inform their users of requests and violations in their online handmade market place by issuing its first transparency report. It broke down to how Etsy handled member disputes, non-IP policy violations, DMCA takedown notices and law enforcement requests.

There were more than 168,000 accounts shut down in 2014.

3,993 shops that continuously violated Etsy’s IP policy were closed down. In response to DMCA takedown requests, the company also took out 176,137 listings from 42,526 sellers.

But most of the shutdowns were for non-IP policy violations in 2014, of which 168,288 accounts were closed by Etsy. Most of these accounts’ policy violations contained spam shop listings, distribution of products that were not handmade, or shops selling items that are not allowed on the site. One special case reported was a seller that made listings for ocelot fur coats – removed immediately as ocelots are an endangered species.

There were also requests for member information to certain member accounts which have legal issues including bankruptcy, domestic relations, copyright infringement, theft, fraud, and harassment, among others.

“Your account is currently suspended. Etsy has suspended your account privileges. Please check your email for more information about your account’s status.”

That’s the horrifying message you’ll receive if your store is suspended.

So how to prevent Etsy shop suspension/shut down? The best preventive measure you can do is to read

Etsy’s Do’s and Don’ts to avoid any violation that can shut down your Etsy shop.

That report should not pose worry to legit sellers like you as it will likely help some sellers feel more assured that Etsy is committed to maintaining the marketplace as a hub for unique, quality goods.

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  1. Hello my name tatun agarwal my firm goyal jewellers i am real manufacturer handmade product.
    My firm in jaipur india i want my beautiful goods in sell on Etsy but Etsy not open my shop reason i dont understand please help me

  2. I’m about to open my 3rd or 4th Etsy shop. Reasons for leaving in the past included “cliquishness” with Etsy staff and some sellers, the backbiting and just mean spirited bunch on WordPress that decided to take it upon themselves to bully and torment some sellers for some perceived, copying, re-selling and the best, their interpretation of hand made, insisting that assembly of findings and beads did not fit the definition of hand made. They also attacked vintage sellers and were really very frightening. SEO was a nightmare, and without Etsy deciding to shine it’s hipster light upon you, you were for all intents and purposes, invisible. The ONLY reason that I’ve decided to give it one more go, is that I now have my own B&M shop, which will make Etsy secondary, and let’s face it, people have come to know Etsy unlike in the past where every time I handed out one of my Moo mini cards, I had to explain what it was! I have hopes that with your advice, and with Etsys finally being popular, things may have changed enough for me to actually sell something

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