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Are you looking for a way to sell your products through Instagram?

spreesy-how-your-customers-can-buy-through-instagramSpreesy is a social commerce app that transforms your Instagram account into a fully functioning shopping site. It offers a simple approach to social e-commerce. It takes care of the checkout process and invoicing. It then guides your customers to pay directly to your PayPal account.

Basically, Spreesy is comment selling.

The app supports unlimited product posts. It also gives you a mobile friendly e-commerce checkout platform that contains your Instagram brand. What’s notable about this app is that it can fully automate the transaction process.

You don’t have to do anything except to post product photos on your IG timeline.

How It Works

Spreesy allows your prospect customers to buy your IG products by simply leaving a comment with their email address. This selling app automates the process by sending a checkout link to your customer. You can safely install this app in your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Also, a customer who likes one of your items either directly from your site or from a promoted ad from another Spreesy account, will send Spreesy their email. Spreesy will send them an invoice for your product. After the customer pays the invoice, Spreesy will send you the order with payment minus any commissions.

How To Sign Up

According to Spencer, one of the creators of Spreesy: “When you sign up for Spreesy you’ll be directed to Instagram.com to sign in securely. This means that we (Spreesy) never see your Instagram password, just your username.”

In this video, you will see an overview of how your customers can buy your posted items on Instagram:


For anyone who is interested in trying this feature. They are currently offering the service free for 2 months… after Jan. 25 there will be a 2.7 % fee per transaction.

This app is a hot topic on forums now. So what do you think about this app? Please let us know in the comment box below.

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