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When people make an ugly remark about your products, how do you handle that?

What To Do When Someone Criticizes Your Handmade ProductsLearning to deal with criticism is one of the most difficult parts of being a handmade seller. Whether you’re selling at craft shows or online, criticisms are everywhere. As with so many things, the internet has massively multiplied the amount of criticism that any work of creativity is going to encounter. There are tons of review websites and some of these reviews will be an honest attempt to evaluate whether your work is going to be worth other people’s time.

Others will be just someone venting about their pet peeves. None of them will be concerned with your feelings, or aimed at communicating with you directly.

So how do you cope with criticism?

The first thing you need to tell yourself is nobody’s perfect. Your work isn’t perfect and you’re not the next Martha Stewart. Your product is beautiful and you are a unique seller with your own creative style.

Also, getting constructive feedback on your work is the best way for you to improve your products so that you don’t give the critics more ammunition in the end.

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To learn more about how to effectively handle this kind of situation, watch this video made by Renae Christine of Cupcake Trainings:


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