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Do you have a site for your handmade goods? Would like to know where your clients are coming from? Curious if your blog site is driving leads? Are those advertisements worth it? There is an easy way to check what drives customers!

How To See What Drives Customers To Your ProductsIt must be very painful to see just what methods actually drives clients in Google Analytics. So I am interested to share a fascinating tool with you called Tend.

In about 2 minutes, you’ll start to clearly see which advertising techniques truly own paying consumers and discover without excavating through meaningless records


Tend can be integrated with Zapier and in this combination, you could automate tasks based on a person’s action on your web site. This also allows you to develop a to do, get an alert or perhaps send out prospects a customized email.

In addition, you’ll see every page that people considered, advertisement they clicked and sites they came from. Now, it’s easy to know who’s interested and why.

Prices offers 21 day cost-free trial and if you have decided to update, you should pay $49 per month. It allows you to get started in 2 minutes, see just what advertisements make you money, figure out what material transforms consumers, discover where your most lucrative clients originate from and conveniently press and pull information with our API.

How It Works

When a site visitor initially concerns your site, they are confidential and Tend will reveal you the following information:

  1. Referring site
  2. Pages checked out on your site
  3. UTM parameters
  4. ValueTrack parameters
  5. Place (based on IP address).

When somebody fills out a form on your website, Tend will link any kind of previous and future data with that contact. Also, the email address, about 40% of the time Tend will also show you:

  1. Call
  2. Title
  3. Business
  4. Biography
  5. Location
  6. Social links (Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, etc) Tend could disappoint you any personally identifiable info on that call until they offer you their e-mail address.

Sometimes a person may use 2 separate e-mails when they fill out your forms. For instance, they could utilize one e-mail to register for your e-newsletter and one more one when they purchase something. When this occurs Tend will certainly merge the 2 e-mail addresses right into one profile.

At the end of each account page you can see any merged contacts.

In addition, when people visit your website using a certain device Tend will combine all information from that tool with other tools as soon as a customer logins in with their email address.

You have the option to unmerge details that have been instantly combined on the account page if they saw your site using different devices.

Very interesting, right? These features are a great help to your marketing efforts if you have decided to have your own website for your handmade business.

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