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Hashtags are great for research. If you are doing research, it’s easy to find great, relevant content by search on specific hashtags. That means, if you include that in your marketing efforts, you will easily be found if your target customers look for items that matches your hashtags.

Social Media Hashtag Explained To Handmade SellersAre you wondering how to use hashtags on Facebook, Instagram, and Etsy but were afraid to ask? Do you wonder where do hashtags came from? How you can use them for your handmade business? Who decided to put a pound symbol in front of a word to start tracking trends across social media?

Ludwig Van Beethoven used “#” in front of everything before it was cool. Yes, you are no musician but you are as creative and as genius like him because you make wonderful handmade items. That includes you to start using hashtags in your marketing campaigns… but before that, learn what it is and how to use it in every social media.

Where Did Hashtags Come From?

It may be pretty surprising to hear, but the first use of a hashtag in social media can actually be traced back to one man. Chris Messina, a former Google employee who worked in developer relations and as a designer on Google+, Tweeted the first ever hashtag. This Tweet took place all the way back in 2007, so it took quite a bit to catch on, but when it did, it did in a big way.


There you have it. Though they’ve become stigmatized in our culture, hashtags actually do play an important role on social media when used within reason. Hashtags create incentives for people to categorize their posts, which in turn makes it easier for users looking for posts on the same topic to find content.

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