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Today, Etsy sellers will have a new listing manager and it will roll out to all sellers in March. Etsy’s new listings manager will have a new suite of listing management tools for sellers, which the company says will improve the way they add and edit details about products.

Etsy’s New Listings Manager – All You Need To KnowEtsy is giving its sellers time to changeover to its new Listing Manager tool but plans to make it mandatory for all sellers.Sellers will still be able to access the old version until July 1, 2015. However, Etsy will stop supporting the old version on May 15.

In addition, Etsy advises that sellers who use older versions of Web browsers may encounter difficulties. “If you’re operating on an older browser, you may notice that certain pages will not load, or you may encounter bugs. In this case, we recommend updating to the latest version of your browser.

While the new Listing Manager takes some getting used to, some Etsy sellers who have applied to the prototype testing said it saves them time and makes them more efficient. However, Etsy said it is making changes to the tool based on seller feedback, including the following:

Improved Stats Toggle Button

The improved stats toggle button inspires you to make smarter decisions about what items to restock. All you need to do is Click on the Stats button at the top of the page to see the up-to-date in-line stats for all your listings without leaving the main Listings Manager. Being able to see all your items’ stats at a glance gives you a clear picture of how items are performing compared to one another.

Quick Edits to Multiple Items at Once

Now, Instead of having to open up the editing screen to change your title, make title changes from the Quick Edit page, you can use Quick Edit mode to update the quantity, price, titles and sections of several items at once.

This works great for sellers with a large shop inventory. Filter by shop section, tags, listing status or shipping profiles to narrow down your results and find the items you want to edit, quickly. Use this feature to save time while making search-friendly tweaks to your listings.

Improve Your Shop’s Appearance

You know that product photography is important for your business. The new Listings Manager gives you more control over your shop’s appearance by letting you adjust each item’s thumbnail image without going through the preview step. Now you can adjust your thumbnails from the listing images section of the listing process form. Etsy also added a new photo cropping tool that allows you to crop right in the listings process without having to delete, edit and re-upload.

Skip Unnecessary Steps

For shop owners who list items frequently, skipping the preview step can be a time saver as Etsy made the preview step optional. The new Listings Manager also makes it possible to take many actions all in one place. For example, your shop sections now appear in the Listings Manager, instead of on a separate page. An additional bulk editing option allows you to quickly move multiple items to a section without leaving the Listings Manager. You can also spot check and filter by ‘No section’ to see if you’ve forgotten to add an item to a section.

Now, when you’re coming up with tags for each product, you can spend less time scrolling to view the listing title because it remains displayed at the bottom of the page no matter where you are on the page. This so-called sticky footer also includes buttons to publish, cancel, and preview your listing, or save it as a draft.

For now, sellers can apply to prototype, and provide feedback on how to make them better before the broad roll-out. Over 10,000 sellers have already been participating in a prototyping process and giving feedback, which has already been incorporated into the tools’ development.

If you are not happy with this new tool, you may opt to try other tools to help renew your Etsy listings automatically.

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