4 Things Customer Thinks When Buying Online (Plus A Hot Bonus Tip!)

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If you are a handmade business seller who is selling online, you have to train yourself to see the world through your customers’ eyes.

4 Things Customer Thinks When Buying OnlineHere’s how:

1.”Do you like me?”

People think a lot. A potential buyer may want to know if they are sincerely liked by the seller they’re in contact with. People can recognize this from how you interact with them. Does she like me? Will she make a good quality handmade purse for me?

2.“Do you care about me?”

Your target audience also wonders if you really care about them. Customers can sense this from the questions asked, the tone of voice, amount of eye contact, the exceptional customer service you provide how you state your refund policy, and/or how you respond to shipping issues.

3.”Can I trust you?”

Customers wonder if the seller can be trusted. Indications of trust can be seen in how confident you talk to them and online reviews about your products. Your business can lose the consumers’ trust with delays in responding to a phone call or email. When a long time elapses after a customer’s contact with a small business and the follow-up or lack thereof, trust erodes rapidly. A good guideline is to have all phone calls and emails returned in 24 hours or less.

4.“Do you know what you are talking about?”

Customers can tell if you are knowledgeable, creative and competent on things you’re doing. Clues can be found in how good your products are or positive “word-of-mouth” feedback from your past satisfied customers. Customers want to know if you have solved similar types of problems for other buyers in the past. If they have, this builds confidence during the buying experience.

So to build lifetime customer satisfaction, provide the right kind of training in customer service skills. Empower yourself to treat customers in a way that consistently answers these four common questions consumers have about a small business.

Bonus Tip
The infographic below will show you important information about customers’ behavior that will help you in your handmade business customer service efforts:


There you have it. How about you? How do you take care of your customers? Please let us know in the comments below.

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