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You may have been shipping internationally because you’re reading this. Congrats! You have a bigger market!

Shipping-Restrictions-List-Of-Every-CountryHowever, you ask yourself on a couple of details that you can’t seem to find the answer to. Such as:

What happens if an item is confiscated by customs? Do they return it to the sender or is it just gone forever?

Who is ultimately responsible for ensuring that an item is permissible? Is the customer the one that needs to make sure they are allowed to import an item? Is the seller responsible for knowing all the countries restrictions and not shipping certain items to certain places?

What are the shipping problems, restrictions and prohibitions of this country?

Here is what experienced Etsy sellers say about the questions above:

Cilvia Agustina from SmallWorldofTreasure
Did you get a message saying “confiscated?” I would think it has not been confiscated but is being held until the owner comes to the post office to pay the duty fees for the shipment. Very common for packages to emerging countries for packages valued over $50. They will open it in the owners presence and charge according to what the tariff is for the item they received. It is the buyers responsibility to be aware of tariffs for what they order.

Life Bijou from LifeBijou

  1. Confiscation means the goods violated that government’s import laws so no, the parcel most likely will not be returned to the sender.
  2. Seller is responsible for export laws and knowledge of prohibited items and restrictions prior to shipping.

Lois from SoigneeInCrochet
Items are not returned if they are on the list of prohibited items. You, as a seller, are responsible for checking on what list of items are prohibited per count country; not the customer. This info. is readily available online for each and every country by just doing a search of prohibited import items by country. The only thing a customer is responsible for knowing is, is that they are responsible for paying custom/duty fees.

Sandra from LeatherArtistry
Each country has a prohibited list for example in Italy they have a lot of leather business that is exported from Italy so they do not allow you to send leather products to Italy. If the item were confiscated it would not be returned. They auction off or destroy items not allowed in. If the customer failed to pick up the items with Vat/Duty fees generally it is shipped back to the seller but can take up to 6 months and can also have fees attached for return shipping.

Shipping Restrictions List Of Every Country

You can find all of the shipping problems, and restricted/prohibited items for all countries here.

How about you? Any further information would be greatly appreciated. Please share us your experiences in the comment box below.

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