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More and more transactions are being carried out online. Unfortunately, when money is involved you’re bound to run into an unsatisfied shopper no matter how great your pieces are and you provide exceptional customer support.

8-Articles-To-Read-Before-Starting-A-Transaction-In-EtsyFor example, a shopper buys from your Etsy store, receives it and sends an email requesting a refund. Most sellers have their return policy posted in their “shop policies,” but you may choose to be more accommodating depending on the situation. Some sellers’ goal is to keep their customers happy. It’s up to you if you can afford to take a loss on an item in order to keep a customer smiling and leave a positive feedback to your Ety store.

Also, some buyers don’t understand how a negative feedback can affect a decent business. Some may not even notice this is public information. If a shopper leaves you a negative or neutral feedback, you may choose to contact them to work it out. Contact the shopper as soon as possible to fix the situation. If the customer didn’t ask for a refund, you can offer them one if you’re able. You might choose to throw in an extra item or store credit, or even give them the item free of charge.

Without getting too personal, you might explain to the shopper what this negative feedback means to your business. Remind them that while they might not be happy with the item, you are trying to provide them with excellent customer service.

Shoppers want a good deal to come fly in their laps, and they want to trust people. Even though they are dealing with a creative and honest seller, problems and issues are inevitableand we have to exercise extra caution.

Here’s what to read to protect your shop when things go awry:

  1. Buyer’s Protection On Etsy
  2. Contacting the Buyer or Seller After an Order
  3. Etsy’s Case System
  4. Finding Your Refund
  5. Refunds and Returns
  6. Receiving and Using Etsy Gift Cards
  7. Report a Problem with your Order
  8. The Review System

If you need additional help search their FAQs section or reach out to their customer support.

The most important thing to remember when asking questions about what they might not like about the item you’ve made is – don’t get personal! They don’t dislike you. You could offer to make a new item, modify the existing item, or give a refund less shipping. Compromise can be very tricky, but I’ve found when you go the extra mile for a shopper they almost always shop with you again.

Have you found yourself in this situation? If so, how did you handle it? Let us know if you have any similar problemsin the comment box below.

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