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Have you seen the handmade market online forums lately? If yes, possibly you have read that this marketplace called Artyah has actually been discussed by the handmade sellers in there.

Why You Should Check Out Artyah NowWhy?

People were talking about because of its upgrade on the site which actually looks pretty and user-friendly. However, what do this marketplace have to offer?

Artyah claimed that it is a safe market for handmade & antique/vintage products. You can easily buy and sell in their fast growing community of artists, enthusiasts and vendors.

There are no regular monthly subscription fees for marketing on ArtYah. There is a small transaction fee of 3.5% when you are able to sell something. You can start setting up shop and start selling for an affordable $0.10 listing charge.

The ArtYah system gives you with the methods you need to showcase your unique character and skill to develop confidence with possible customers. They promised to constantly hear the needs of their members and community to continually boost your capacity to sell your things.

You can check these forums to see and share your thoughts about Artyah:

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  2. How do you like Artyah?
  3. Good idea to try ArtYah?

Check this video below to see type of sellers and the kind of products available on Artyah:

So what are your thought about the latest update on Artyah? Do you think it could be the Etsy killer?

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  1. As a member of ArtYah, I am extremely happy with this site. If you were to read the ArtYah forums. Creatives are actually feeling creative again. Folks are excited about improvements instead of dreading Etsy’s next hidden “test”. We are able to share our listings now without having to worry about these same listings being ‘hijacked’ by “You might also like” listings plastered all over our listings we have worked on to promote.
    It is literally a breath of fresh air.

  2. Artyah may eventually replace Etsy, but Etsy is doing a fine job of committing suicide all by itself. Fully 1/3 of the shops have been closed, either because they went elsewhere or because Etsy won’t let them use only PayPal for transactions.

    I have been on Artyah for about 2 weeks and it is such joy to send an email to the owner and have a reply within the hour, usually within minutes. The site is beautiful and improving every day, implementing many of the sellers’ suggestions. It is everything that Etsy USED to be and a whole lot.

    I get so many more views on Artyah than on Etsy and have already had a couple of sales.

    Check out the brand new Artyah YouTube ad.

  3. i think all handmade sellers should give Artyah a try. Even Etsy started out new, like Artyah, and was able to become the largest handmade site.
    The fact that Etsy isn’t really all handmade anymore should give Artyah a boost to those sellers and buyers that create or want unique.
    Go Artyah.

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