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Are you looking for another marketplace platform aside from Etsy and Artfire that is for FREE?

If yes, there is Meylah, an online market place for handmade goods.

27-meylahSo, what does it offer?

It allows you to build, customize and curate your own online marketplace so you can connect with buyers and fellow sellers in one place. The seller also gets to create their own branded social storefront to sell on their own and also sell via multiple community based marketplaces.

Another feature of Meylah that I find useful is you can open a store and sell a limited number of items for 100% FREE. No commissions, no listing fees. If you’re happy with your experience, you can open a premium (paid) account which gives you more bandwidth and positioning in their marketplace. They also allow you to integrate your social media, other online stores and blog.

Other Benefits Of Meylah:

  1. It Builds A Community – You can curate your marketplace from your chosen sellers and their products so you can sell together with your chosen community of peers! When you form a marketplace, you are building a team of sellers who are trying to reach the same target market. Together, you can promote the smaller marketplace more effectively, and market each other.
  2. Easy Integration – This feature is important of you have an online shop, blog or website. You can easily customize your own online marketplace to your brand and integrate it with your existing blog which gives your target audience more reason to share your site with their friends! This is the reason why you should start blogging for your craft business. For example, if you were a jeweller, you could create a marketplace of your favorite beads and tools. If your followers like it, they are more likely to buy products from sellers that you recommend.
  3. Budget Friendly – If you are in the right marketplace then you are spending your marketing budget more effectively because you are reaching your target market. Back to the jeweller example, if someone is reading a jewelry blog, chances are they are jewelers. If you sell jewelry supplies like beads, you have just reached your target market.
  4. Earn More! – Generate new revenue by collecting a transaction fee (you choose the percentage you want to collect) on all the products that sell in your marketplace!  This feature is a Premium feature and requires subscription and set up fees. Also, sellers who are in high-traffic marketplaces are going to make more sales. As a blogger or marketplace curator, you have found an additional revenue stream for your business. Everybody is happy!

If you are interested, go to Meylah and sign up for free.

It’s great that communities can now create the engagement that is sustainable, scalable and has the opportunity to generate new revenue for the community and the sellers.

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