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Founded in 2008, ArtFire is an interactive online community designed for craft sellers and enthusiasts. It was built as a marketplace for artisans around the globe to recognize their love of arts and crafts.

3-artfireThe overall site design and organization is fairly different as they have established six “markets” in which goods are categorized and from there those are subcategorized. Their markets are: handmade, fine art, craft supplies, vintage, design, and media.

Types Of Membership

There are two membership options in Artfire, one is Basic and the other is Pro Seller account.

A Basic membership is free and will allow you to save your favorite items and sellers, leave a seller rating and feedback for purchases, and save address. As a registered member of ArtFire you’ll also be able to participate in public forum discussions.

The Pro Seller account gives their members a complete package e-commerce store that allows unlimited listings with up to 10 images on each listing.  This will also allow members to participate in Groups, Artisan Councils, and utilize the Market Hub tool.

In addition, having a Pro Account will allow you to customize your shop template, use the Facebook kiosk, create coupon codes and gift certificates, edit all your products easily with their Global Product Editor, and earn artifacts.

The Pro Seller account costs around $12.95/month but they also offer a 14 day trial for traditional sellers.

Account Set Up

There are a few things you’ll need to do to set up your studio and get started listing. You will need to fill out the form after clicking Sell on the upper right corner of Artfire’s website to get started.

Their progress bar is designed to help members get started, and members are required to complete these steps to start listing.

Click on the white links and you will be taken into the section you have chosen until you complete the six steps, and you will be able to start listing.

Step 1: Enter Address

Members are required to fill out their address so that buyers will know where a product is being shipped from, although buyers will not see your exact address entered. You can also click My Account on the left navigation bar to enter your information.

Step 2: Choose Pay Method

This is how buyers will pay you after purchasing your products.

Artfire Payment Options:

Choose at least one method but the more payment methods you have available mean you’re giving your customers more options. If you’re new to virtual payment systems and would like help setting up a seller account with one, check out PayPal which is the most widely used and accepted payment method.

Step 3: Upload Avatar

Your avatar will appear in your studio preview as well as on your studio page.

Click the Browse button and select the image on your computer that you want to use as your studio avatar. Your chosen image for avatar must be between 140 x 140 pixels and 500 x 500 pixels, a .jpg or .png file type, and under 2 megabytes. In addition, it is ideal to use a square images as non-square images will be cropped to fit the default shape.

Step 4: Upload Banner

You can select the size of the banner you wish to upload (for Pro members only). Follow the steps in uploading your banner just like how you uploaded your avatar. While basic members can only upload a 1000 x 100 sized banner, Pro members can choose three different sizes of banner to upload.

Step 5: Complete Bio

Customers like to know who they are buying from so write about yourself, your passion, and other interesting things about you. You can also share your history in crafting and talk about the skills and inspiration that you use when creating.

Step 6: Complete Policies

In this section, enter your preferences and policies regarding shipping, selling, returns, exchanges, or custom work.

You may also use the studio announcement bar where you can let your customers know when you are running a sale or offering a special deal.

You can go back to these sections to edit your entries.

That’s it! You are now ready to get your crafts listed.

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