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Do you want to promote your items online but still make the transactions straight from your shop or website?

26-handmadeologyIf yes, we have something to share for you. This may be new to you or you already heard about this… but this is truly a useful marketing platform for all craft sellers when used together with our 30 free ways to promote your craft business.

I am talking about the Handmadeology Marketplace.

There are so many handmade sites and blogs out there for you to promote your items but the Handmadeology marketplace is not just another selling venue; it is a live market place to show off your items. In fact, it is also called a “marketplace for creative-types”. You’ll find so much variety and so much talent there. It’s mind-blowing!

How It Works For You

You can promote your items and link back to the items in your shops and websites for the actual transaction. Product promotions are only live for 90 days, so the listings are always fresh which attracts more online shoppers. Potential buyers can click through to your items and even contact you through the contact form. Take note that no sales go through the Handmadeology Site.

It is important to take advantage of outreach efforts like this as you never know where that buyer is coming from.

This was made possible through Handmadeology’s partnership with Meylah, an online market place for handmade goods, which will super charge marketing for craft businesses and support craft sellers, giving sellers new ways to market their products through online and social channels.

How To Join?

If you want to set up your free or paid account to promote your work and handmade crafts as a whole, visit the Handmadeology Marketplace then select the ‘Sell With Us’ button in the upper left hand corner of the screen to complete your application. To participate in Handmadelogy marketplace, your store must be customer ready.

Go ahead… it’s worth checking out!

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