How To Make Customers Feel Excited On Your New Product Release

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So you made some new items and you want to make your customers feel excited about them? Would you like some actionable tips to employ social media in your next launch?

how-to-make-customers-feel-excited-on-your-new-product-releaseIf so, keep reading as I explore seven ways we used social media to help launch a new project.

You’re sure to find unusual tactics that will help you with your next launch.

1. Mystique

When your idea is nothing more than a thought, start brainstorming ways you can employ social media to hint that something exciting is coming. Cultivate an aura of secrecy or intrigue around a product specification or launch.

2. Premium Quality

Develop products that are outstanding in look and feel as well as performance. Some customer segments are excited by the flawless design and build of a Mercedes car, say, or a Bang & Olufsen sound system, with its aspiration to combine technological excellence with emotional appeal. The best marketing tool you can have is your high quality, well-made handmade product.

3. Inform Your Loyal Customers First

Your customers in the past are the ones most likely to buy again from you so let them know first to also reward their loyalty. Your media materials should be professionally worded and must have all the relevant information regarding your upcoming product, the key benefits, the problem it is likely to solve and how it can impact the lives of your customers.

4. Exclusivity

Appeal to status-seekers with premium-priced luxury services if applicable. And you shouldn’t by shy about it because Handmade is the new form of haute couture. According to the Veblen effect, the perceived value of a product increases as its price grows; exclusivity breeds excitement.

5. Collaboration

The rise of social media has made collaboration a popular and accessible way to excite customers. When Ford re-launched the Fiesta, it gave cars to a hundred social-media-savvy young people and asked them to blog about it, using customer-created content to create a powerful marketing force.

You might be interested to send an item for a blogger/vlogger to try and an extra item that he/she can use as a giveaway. Most shoppers do research online before buying so having a great review about your items is a big plus!

6. Giveaways

Give away thoughtful items and products that can actually serve as reminders of your business and keep the customers coming back to you. Keeping in view the preferences of your target audience, design and personalize promotional items. The products should be relevant to your business.

7. Exceptional Service

Create a friendly personalized approach that takes the pain out of purchasing. Kind gestures can surprise and excite customers too: in the UK, Interflora monitored Twitter to find users who were feeling down and offered them free bouquets; in the US, staff from healthy quick-service café Sweetgreen reward people for cycling to work by putting shower caps over bike saddles on rainy days and slipping gift cards under the covers.

So there you have it. Seven unique ways to launch your next product online. If we miss something important, your comment will be greatly appreciated.

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