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Do you want to rank your online store/website for a specific keyword? Do you want to skip using those expensive and complicated keyword research tools I’ve mentioned on my past articles?

How To Do Keyword Research In An Uncomplicated WayIf you are a handmade business owner, you probably have an online store or website with low domain authority.

What is domain authority?

Domain authority is when a lot of people link to you, Moz, Majestic, Atrix, they all calculate a score from zero to 100. The higher up you are, the better. Google and Facebook, they’re probably 100 or close to 100. Huffington Post and news sites like that are in the 90s. Most websites are less than 20 or 30.

Now if you’re a new site and you want to rank for best organic soaps or best scented soaps within four to six months or even six months, I hate to say it, it’s not going to happen. What you need to do is stop trying to think of competitive terms.

So how can you do that?

Think Like Your Customer

You need to find words with buyer intent, like best organic soap under $20 because someone who’s searching that is looking for a product to buy because they have a specific budget. You’re not going to get volume. It’s not that competitive. But those people are much more likely to buy.

Use Ubersuggest

Use Ubersuggest, and you’ll see all the variations, sorted by popularity, and you can start going after them. And you want to go after three to four-word term phrases because you can rank for those within three months, within six months. Those are so much easier to rank for.

Some of you will even rank for them within a month or two. And they will generate sales. So don’t try to get greedy and try to rank for that popular keyword. But here’s the thing, if you start ranking for a certain keyword, and that post starts doing well, and over time more people link to you, what do you think is going to happen in the long run?

That’s the cool part about the Ubersuggest tool. It uses Google Suggests, so it tells you all the other variations of the keyword that people are typing in, and this will all help you to rank for that main term over time.

Content Clusters

Another strategy if you’re trying to rank for these terms is using content clusters.

What is this?

Let’s say you have an article on Organic Soaps. A content cluster is you can have a main article that talks about organic soaps and how it got started and the core purpose about it and what is organic soaps, then you can have another article that it links to that talks about soap making, another one that talks about benefits of organic soaps, another one that talks about scented soaps, whatever it may be, another one that talks about all related to soaps, but content clusters are creating content around that topic without overlapping, right? So they’re subsets.

So if you’re talking about best organic soaps under $20, organic soaps, perfumed soaps to take with you when you’re traveling overseas, personalized soaps. There are all these different categories. So you can create content clusters around organic.

But the point I’m trying to make is don’t go after that generic keyword where you’ll meet a lot of competition. Go after longer tail terms. You can rank them within a few months. You’ll do better. You’ll start generating income.

Now you’ll have more money and time to invest in SEO. Then go after harder keywords that you like.

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